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Durango, Colorado
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What do you put in your repair kit?

Just curious what everyone puts into their repair kits? I was just going to get one of the Aire Repair Kits for a PVC boat, but it seems to come with some things that I don't need, while lacking other things that I might. Plus I wonder what else I would need to add. Surely a roll of gorilla tape, wrench for NRS lo-pros, tear-aide and extra patch material are all good things to have. Then just pack it into an ammo can. What does everyone swear by carrying for their multi-day excursions?

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Westminster, Colorado
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New glue every year. And I curse about the cost almost every year.
New MEK every year. It doesn't cost quite as much.
Non-vicryl gloves for dealing with the MEK & glue.
More cups and stir sticks and brushes than I think I need.
Clean gauze for spreading MEK.
A Sharpie, scissors, and razor blade.
Patch material for every boat in my fleet including ducks.
A spare oarlock or two.
A wire saw and baling wire, and assorted screws and bolts.
A small sewing kit.
Vice grips, channel locks, screwdrivers, needle nose pliers.
A hammer.
Partner stove repair kit.
Electrical tape.
Zip ties.
Tent pole repair sleeves.
Spare nuts and bolts for everything that I think could possibly somehow lose a nut or bolt, plus more.
And the tape and LoPro tool you mentioned.

All in 1 regular and one small ammo can, I'd use an oversized can but like the organization of 2.
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Fresno, California
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and one of each type of valve on the trip. the whole thing, completely assembled, rather than parts.
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prescott, Arizona
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super glue. easily worth the space and a buck.
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Medford, Oregon
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I take most of that mentioned above but I also take aqua seal an assortment of zipper pulls folding scissors and a good sewing kit including seam ripper. I have screws for eye glasses and the tiny screw driver, shoe goo, clamps for gluing things (like sandals), 303 protectant, a sewing awl, super glue, gorilla tape, seam sealant, tear aid a and B, thermarest repair kit, seam grip, zipper lubricant. I can repair just about any tent in the field. If something needs to be repaired and we don't have the right stuff I make a note and buy it for the next trip. If you remove most of the packaging it really doesn't take up much space.
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Not to add to the big list but....

Two important things that seem to often get spaced out are a cotton rag (you would need a lot of gauze for a large area), and a putty knife with rounded edges and corners for burnishing the patch after you lay it down.
As for MEK, the real stuff has become hard to get in most (maybe all?) states other than through a few whitewater supply outlets.
Other than that and the aforementioned scissors, the AIRE patch kits are reasonably complete. But I definitely agree with taking that trusty miracle product Aquaseal, maybe the two part version to save time.
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Sandy, Utah
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I try to have a variety of wrenches, including allen wrenches. Many of our chairs need the small allen wrenches for adjustments. Since I use an NRS frame, I always carry two small socket wrenches. Two....because I have dropped one in the river before. I really like those all purpose screwdrivers that have the different size & types of heads in the handle. +1 on the Gorilla tape, and the spare oarlock. My buddy carries Shoe Goo glue for river sandal blow-outs. I always carry an eyeglass repair kit now, after a few broken pairs of prescription glasses.
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Westminster, Colorado
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Wow, I forgot about the valves and allen wrenches in mine! I have a DRE frame, so I have many back-up wrenches, for the same reason as cataraftgirl... And, come to think of it, I think I actually have a roll of cheesecloth not gauze.
Also, sandpaper for roughing up the surface before glue, and a valve tool. I also forgot about the putty-knife like patch tool. Some people like rollers, but I've always just pushed out the air and then piled up heavy stuff overnight.
And I also have a spare lighter.
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River City, Oregon
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Alcohol wipes and Tear Aid for any temporary repairs I can get away with on the river, fresh glue and toluene in individual bags, top and bottom patch material, EMT shears, glue brush, rags, pen, sand paper, patch roller tool, sewing awl, dental floss, spare valve, PRV plug, spare screws, spare NRS U bolts and nuts, valve wrench, spare oar lock, a couple split rings, channel locks, wrench for frame parts, screwdrivers for any oar/frame/gear parts, and of course duct tape.
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Golden, Colorado
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I live by checklists, so I have developed a number of them - here's my river repair one: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/...FE&usp=sharing. Take it and change it as you need! I also have my equipment checklist, first aid, and rescue bad checklists. Let me know if anyone would like a copy
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