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North Central, New Mexico
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Un-pin kit

I have a generic NRS un-pin kit and I'm looking to add some stuff to it. Was thinking some hexes and nuts to build a good anchor. I have some additional webbing and cord in there. What's everyone else keeping in their kits that I should think about?

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Definite maybe
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I would add stuff to you not to the kit. For example my flip line is 2 long(cant remember how long exactly) 1 inch tube webbings tied together with a beaner just like the one in the flip kit. having more loops will help you with an anchor point. The snatch blocks in your kit can easily fit in pfd pocket too I guess, cant say I do that but its doable. my big problem with the kit is what if the kit is in the pinned boat. Every boat has a throw bag and if every one is wearing a flip line then it should be doable to set up a z drag. Maybe I will start putting the snatch blocks in my pfd pockets and some cord. any one have experience here?
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A Pro Traxion. Makes setting up a 3-1 a no-brainer that anyone can figure out.
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Arnold, California
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Originally Posted by NoCo View Post
my big problem with the kit is what if the kit is in the pinned boat.
On my trips we have multiple flip kits. But there is still a potential issue if the boats with the flip kits are downstream and unable to get back to the flipped/pinned boat. I prefer that every boat has an accessible kit, but I realize not everyone does. I do my part though.
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North Central, New Mexico
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Been carrying webbing and a biner for flipped boats. I'd use what I have and I do like the idea of having some stuff handy in PFD pockets. A thing to keep in mind is that not all rope is created equal. The rope in my kit has a tensile strength of about 9,500 lbs. The typical throw bag is about 1,500 to 2,000 lb tensile strength.
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I carry on me in my pfd-flip line of webbing, two pulleys, three locking biners, two small diameter prussiks (remember that throw bag rope is smaller than a haul line), an extra ring for my belt, a whistle, a small serrated folding blade in the pocket, a knife on the outside and some more webbing. It really doesn't take up that much space and all fits in my Stohlquist Descent pocket. All fit in my Astral pocket and a few Lotus pockets before that. When I scout something, I carry a throw bag. Yes, the tensile strength of throw bags is way less than a haul line so you have to be careful but it's better than nothing and you watch yourself (like you should) around rigging. Must be a hold over from my kayaking days.

I'm also usually the guy who has a bigger pin kit on his boat. I have enough stuff in there to set up a 3 to 1 to 5 to 1 or redirect the pull direction. The entire pin kit goes in a dedicated Watershed backpack in case I have to hike with it. Unless you have room in a dry box, I don't think the mesh bags pin kits come in are a great idea. Your rope is constantly getting wet and most people I know don't string it and dry it after a trip. Locking biners and pulleys are gummed up with sand and so is your rope over the years. Good dry bags are more expensive but I tend to think good, maintained safety gear is a better investment than pretty much anything else on your boat. I especially like looking at it and never having to use it. I wish that was the case on every trip but it isn't.

And finally, and I don't care who I piss off, you might think you look cool with your non-locking biners hanging off your pfd, but you don't. You look like an idiot. I wish this was a trend that would go away.

I guess I'm turning into the neighborhood curmudgeon. Hey, get off my yard.
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North Central, New Mexico
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I like the idea of putting the stuff in a dedicated dry bag. The mesh bag does seem less than ideal for maintaining integrity of gear.
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Ft jones, United States
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The one thing that I never would have thought of....the guy I bought my un-pin kit from had everything bundled inside an old pfd, inside a dry duffel.
That way if the bag gets dropped in the river. It won't all sink.
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I would like to throw in my pennies worth of advice on this one. I have been a raft guide for many years,and train guides on how to do their job.
My advice is carry gear on a raft, or a couple of rafts....(probably 50m of prestretched rope, heavy duty pulleys, slings, and prussiks), also carry gear on your person. Throw bag of at least 10mm diameter rope (Palm, from the UK, make a great bag that can be attached to a quick release belt), 2 pulley, 3 locking pear shaped carabiners, 2 prussik loops, webbing (climbing grade) knife, whistle, watch.
The personal gear will fit into all class 5 whitewater pfd's. and then its always on you. If you all carry that stuff you have more stuff than you need or you can back it up and make it bomb-proof.
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Pin kit storage:

Dry your hardware regularly. I stored my un-pin kit over a winter in a sealed drybag. It must have had a pinhole and was wet. I found one aluminum biner with the gate corroded through, and a pile of alum in the bottom of the bag.

My stainless biners were untouched, and fortunately my more expensive biners had a thicker anodized coating and were OK.
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