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Lynx. Plus 2

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Originally Posted by Dr.AndyDVM View Post
Lynx. Plus 2

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I have both for IKs.

One item not discussed is Aires have better valves than the tribs.

I actually prefer the handling of the trib versus the lynx. I prefer the force over the trib except for really high water, then I like the stability of the trib.
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Originally Posted by Dr.AndyDVM View Post
Lynx. Plus 2

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Has anyone paddled/compared Aire Lynx 2 vs Aire Outfitter 2?
The reviews here favor the Outfitter 2:
AIRE Lynx II inflatable kayak
AIRE Outfitter II Inflatable Kayak

I have not been able to find an Outfitter 2 to borrow or rent in UT, ID, or WY; I'd love to try one, or hear your opinions.
(Disclaimer/background: I'm coming from many years of hardshell kayaking, so I have a fairly good brace, river reading etc, and appreciate some maneuverability; I would also like to try some moderate class 4 with the girlfriend in a two person IK (as well as big water Idaho class 3+ in the spring), with minimal-to-no-swimming, hence the interest in the Outfitter 2).
The past couple summers I've paddled the following, in order of my preference:
Sevylor K2 River XDS- The most obvious thing about this boat was the slow drainage; it would fill up with water in big wavetrains, and stay full. Felt like a barge trying to keep in on line (specifically on Trestle rapid, Cabarton run, Payette river). Worked fine in general though, no flips in big water class 3+.

Tributary Tomcat 2- First impression was a high seat position, and a fairly long length (12'9" x 38.5", and 2" Waterline: 109.5"), made this feel a bit unstable and a bit of a struggle to turn. Worked fine though, and this and all Aires/Tributaries drain much better than the Sevylor K2 River XDS.
Bow Rise and Stern Rise: 15", 12" tubes.
My summary would be: A solid boat, but not particularly maneuverable, or exceptionally stable.

Aire Strike 2- Its a crossover boat (lakes and whitewater), so 12'5" x 37" a bit narrower, only 10" tubes, 2" Waterline: 106". At first this boat felt unstable compared to a Lynx or Tomcat, but after a couple weekends on the Snake's Alpine Canyon, we got pretty used to it, and managed to punch Kahuna without flipping, after a couple tries . The extensive flatwater sections and headwinds actually favored the flatwater features (Bow Rise and Stern Rise: only 12.5"). Swapped with our friend's Aquaglide Klickitat Two HB Inflatable Kayak for a couple rapids, and that one drains as slow as the Sevylor, and inch narrower than the Strike, noticeably less stable, also a crossover boat but more of a flatwater kayak to me, although it worked fine for late summer (lower flow) class 3.

Aire Lynx 2- Boise State Outdoor Center is the only place I have found to rent one of these, in UT/ID/WY. Loved it. 12'6" x 39", and particularly:
2" Waterline: only 91", this boat turns way better than a Tomcat 2. We managed to snap into one eddy on the Main Payette almost like a hardshell kayak. 11.5" tubes felt quite stable. Bow Rise and Stern Rise: 15". (on all of the above I used some thigh straps from a Sevylor K1 XDS that I have).

Which brings us to the Outfitter 2 that TheBoatPeople like so much.
12'5" x 41", although TheBoatPeople measured theirs at 40" wide, one inch wider than a Lynx, Bow Rise and Stern Rise: 18.5",
2" Waterline: 100". TheBoatPeople mention "a deep seating position", making the boat very stable, need to raise your elbows a bit while paddling, but aside from that, 100% positive reviews from all their customers, and its their best-selling IK. I like the looks of the specs, and the reviews. Wish I could paddle one before pulling the trigger, but if I can sit in one next time I get to Boise, that may be enough.

Another note: I have not checked all those specs myself. It doesn't really make sense to me that the Lynx 2 is one inch longer than the Outfitter 2, has 3.5" less bow and stern rise, but somehow has 9" less length at the 2" waterline? I would expect the Outfitter 2 to have a similar or shorter 2" waterline. If anyone has an Outfitter 2 I'd be curious how the specs actually measure.
Thoughts on your favorite tandem IK for big water? Does anyone run their floor in a Lynx 2 or Tomcat with a bit less air, to lower the seat position?
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Tributary Vs Aire

I agonized over those two boats too. I haven't paddled an Outfitter2, but I have sat in one. The tubes are a little bigger and the boat is a little wider. The Lynx2 tubes begin their taper further from the end of the tubes making it a sleeker, dagger shaped boat . The O2's tubes don't start tapering until they are closer to the end giving them a very blunt looking appearance. The L2 is definitely asymmetrical. The bow has a much bigger kick than the stern. It does really well in big waves. When sitting in the Outfitter2, the tubes were a lot higher and wider on the paddler. I'm 6'3" and I didn't think it would bother me to much, but my 5'5" daughter's elbows had to be held pretty high to clear the tubes and paddle. She preferred the L2 which was more comfortable to paddle. My wife who wasn't with us for the comparison is 5'2" and would have had an even harder time paddling the 02. I had read so many reviews, including the Boat People's, that my head was pretty discombobulated about the decision. Sitting in the two boats was very helpful. Cascade Outfitters in Boise had them both and at 10% off all winter long. After the sit test the L2 looked easier on shorter people, so we got the L2. I was already leaning toward the L2 for the alleged better maneuverability anyway, and they had it in lime green vs. orange for the O2 making the decision even easier. However, Sarah at Aire Factory Store and a couple other people I spoke to at Cascade that sell them for a living bought the O2 with their money and love them. This really made the decision difficult and pushed me towards the O2. But they bought them before the 2014 redesign to the L2.

In the end I'm pretty happy with the L2. As long as you are T'ed up to waves you won't tip. We have flipped in the L2 a couple of times in rapids and once on flat water trying to get in an eddy, so maybe I should have gotten the O2. My only flips personally were once when trying to get into an eddy with my wife and we went in sideways and the water grabbed the tube and flipped us. And once going into a rapid sideways below Riggins. The common theme is sideways. When the bow is pointed down stream it's almost impossible to flip.

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Bang for buck its hard to beat a trib. I have over 200 days on a 2008 13.0 sb that is still going strong. Its scratched and shows some wear but still holds air indefinitely. I did have to out new handles on it last year. I also have a 2013 trib 13.0 sb with about 70 old man gentle days on it that looks almost new.
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