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palisade, Colorado
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Trib outdoor air caps

I keep seeing these adds every time Iím on the buzz. Curious if anyone has any feedback. Are they too legit or are they unliget?

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salmon, Idaho
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I bought one at the end of last season and put in on my boat, but that is about the extent of my experience with it so far. I will let you know more once I get it out on the river this spring.. Needs to stop snowing first though.. I usually hit the river for the first time around march if weather permits.
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Arnold, California
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Iím intrigued by them too. Normally the cap is just a backup to the valve but is not a primary sealing interface. With this the cap would need to be the primary sealing interface. I assume it would need to depress the valve at least slightly. What happens if the cap loosens slightly?
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Missoula, Montana
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I think there has been a few attempts at making this a big thing in the inflatable world. Aside from the obvious boater comments "you should be able to feel your raft and be fine" I think its a cool tech toy. I would probably like one on my SUP since it has only one valve but to be honest the pump has a gauge and once I set it I forget it until it comes out of the water. for the raft I could see one for the floor being useful but I'm unsure if I like the idea of my valve being depressed/open all the time. (I assume this is the only way it can gauge my PSI) Seems like it could have adverse affects on the valve over time. For example my very old Avon valves (1978 rubber and valves) need a specific psi and no less than that to stay sealed. The springs are weak and the rubber is warped from being depressed for extended time in storage. Now I understand thats an EXTREME example but I treat my gear like I want it to last since I beat the hell out of it in use.

Thoughts: Is there a secondary seal around the neck of the valve cover sealing my boat while the cap is installed? And it looks like there is. Is that the only thing keeping the air in while its installed? Once i start to loosen the valve by unscrewing it could that seal have a compromise? Say someone rubs on it repeatedly with a leg or paddle or foot? IDK... the cool tech toy I once wanted no longer seems worth the worries... BUT! I'd totally use one to try if it was a gift! I do love new toys after all.
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salmon, Idaho
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there is an inner seal and you lock the inside portion of the valve shut. So if it where to come unscrewed it's not like your boat would go flat.. that being said i'm not throwing my old cap away. It will be in the repair kit.

It is more of a tech toy and if it cost more than it did i would probably not have bought one. For 35$ i figured it was worth it, will be fun to see how much PSI your boat actually changes going over a pass. Not just from kinda soft to really hard. It's on my front cap so maybe a passenger will even be able to look back and see what it's running so i'm not taking so many breaks to check boat pressure. I think it will come in more handy off river than on.
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