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The seemingly impossible

I almost, almost, got my 14' Sotar ST into its zippered boat bag. How in the hell are these supposed to fit? I suctioned it flat, rolled it a few ways, and got it half zippered (Both sides up to the corner) but not quite closed. Garage temp is about 60 degrees...

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Have you considered trying to put it in the bag without the frame
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Mine fits great. Fold it in thirds lengthwise after getting the air sucked out and roll/fold like normal. Unless you have the wrong bag?

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Its more of a fold than a roll to get them in. I fold over the first 3 feet or so. Then fold that in half and roll/fold around that. Seems to work well doing it by myself. It never just zips up. It is always a little bit of a squeeze together and wiggle coming down the last side. A second person really helps to get things a little tighter and makes it fit better.

DRE makes a bag that is more conducive to loading a boat into solo so you could always get that and use the sotar bag for PFD's or something. Or, just use a tarp like I do.
zach baird
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I've only tried it twice, the first time it was about 40 degrees in my garage and I was barely able to fold it in half (after folding it lengthwise into thirds)- rolling was not an option. This last time I almost got it into the bag - sounds very similar to your situation - also about 60 degrees when I did it. I'd try it at 90 degrees...but why put it away when it's 90 out? That's rafting weather. I have a wood stove in the garage so I could heat it up if needed - which I'll try next time. It just aint easy, that's for sure.
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Get a bigger bag?
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Proper technique is folding in 3rds and then rolling.

The boat should fit easily into the bag without sucking the air out with a blower. You might have to roll it twice to get most of the air out but it will fit. The main purpose of the bag is to protect the boat during transport (trailer abrasion) and I've paid for being lazy and not getting it small enough for the bag.
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You can always just get a 6x10 tarp at the Great Satan of Retail for about $8 - $10...
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Never have trouble fitting my JPW into its bag, but it's huge. Aire sounds like a solid company, should let em know, maybe they'll start doing oversized bags.
Why do they do the zippers anyway?
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I've always been a tarp guy myself but a few years ago some mouse chewed a hole in my raft over while it's rolled up in the tarp. Nothing a patch didn't easily fix up, but a zippered enclosure would be nice.

Feelings are just visitors. Let them come and go.
Feelings are just visitors. Let them come and go.
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