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Durango, Colorado
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Table top vs Freestanding stoves

I'm thinking about upgrading my stove game for next year, and in lieu of the partner set ups that I see all the time, and in the spirit of good ol fashioned debate, I was curious about pros/cons on freestanding stoves like these:

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Missoula, Montana
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Both of those look heavy as fuck, to be honest. I picked up a CC Mountaineer last year, and it's light and awesome. My blaster never even came out on our last trip because it cranks heat. You can get or manufacture legs for them, I personally go tabletop with it because I usually carry a dedicated stove table anyway.
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Definite maybe
Weld county, Colorado
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I like our campchef. Its kinda big though but those burners are powerful and eliminate the need for a blaster. Dishwater is hot in 5 minutes. I think they have 30k btu's per burner. Far cry from a blaster 120k but its fast enough to heat dish water in a reasonable time.
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if you don't mind the size and weight they are great.
zach baird
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Durango, Colorado
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Ooops, I didn't mean those two specifically, just using that style as an example. I'd think that if one was to commit to the freestanding, might as well commit to the 3 burner? One burner available for coffee in the morning and side pot for dinner kind of thing.

So far, pro could be eliminates need for a blaster, and a splitter/extra hose?
Con would be weight/size. Although without a blaster, I'd wonder if that helps offset it.

I'd wonder how waterproof they are. Smaller stoves like partners that can nest in a rocket or dry box. Could the free standing ones go in a bag get strapped down be good to go?
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Salida, Colorado
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I was on a trip with one of these once, it was huge by my standards

I still prefer the partner steel offerings.. Small, durable, reliable, and about the same price as the 3 burner one you initially posted...
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Defiance, CO, Colorado
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We used those free standing stoves when I was a commercial guide. They are big and bulky, probably overkill for less than 15 people. We just put them in their storage bag to keep all the parts together and threw them in a drop bag, pretty durable.

I have both partner and campchef table tops and would not go back. The campchef is a little bigger but they put out about the same amount of heat. I do carry a small blaster but rarely pull it out. I do keep these kinds of stoves in the drybox.

I feel like the tabletops are more efficient so I have to carry less propane
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thornton, Colorado
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I have had the CampChef Pro 60 for 16 years, it's the two burner. I have the heavy duty griddle that is specifically made for it, at the time the griddle did not have the heat difuser's welded to the bottom(back side) of the griddle, and the heat was very uneven(hot spots) across the surface area, hot spots made cooking challenging. I ran across heat difuser's that went over the burners, than placed the griddle over them, what a world of difference. Any how, it cook's fantastic with a huge surface area to cook on. It's as good as a professional grill. It's heavy and the griddle is heavy, I personally have no problem with that weight, especially if you put it in some one else's boat. But I always had two, white gas stoves along as well. Used that set up with big boats and larger groups. Smaller boats and smaller groups just the two stoves, left the bigger CampChef in the truck. I still use the CampChef car camping with the family and friends. PS, I always carried two stoves and used both stoves, but if one craps out, your trip is not fucked, you still have one stove to work with. Even if you just use one stove, buy a cheap ass one and just throw it in your cook box for emergency use.(you will be glad you had it).
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Lakewood, Colorado
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I've been on trips with both...and prefer the heck out of the table top ones over the big clunky camp chef ones that you have to assemble every time at camp. If you really need the standalone one, get a partner and get the legs for it. I couldn't justify getting a partner since it always seems someone else has one, so I just got a no-name Coleman style propane stove and it works just fine when I need it. I back it up with my Woodland Power Stove.

Honestly...if I'm going solo...I'll just bring the Woodland Power Stove. It actually does an admirable job as a general use stove and it packs down small. I have an adapter for it so I can use the 1lb. tanks so overall its a pretty compact setup.
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Sounds like a broken record, but I prefer table top stove to the camp chef. The weight, edges and sharp corners are not good around other PVC dry bags/gear.
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