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Hailey, Idaho
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table top laminate

Interested in making my own rafting table top. Anybody know of a material or a source for the skidguard laminate found on most rafting table tops?

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Park City, Utah
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Olympic Panel® - Above the Rest. The Highest Quality Panel Products in the World.

Give them a call. They shipped me two sheets of 3/4'' to a local vendor that they did business with in SLC. They normally only sell it a lift at a time. 40 Pcs. It wasn't cheap. $75 per about 4 years ago.
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lafayette or Grand Lake, Depends on mood, Colorado
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Here is what

Here is what I made, out of Aluminum about $220 and 2 hours of labor.

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Aluminum sheet metal is typically $3/lb. 0.090 13lb and 0.125 and 17lb.
HDPE 0.5in is 25lb and just over $100. You could get away with 3/8in and save weight and money. All of the above will last a lifetime and you won't have to redo them like wood products.
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Get a 1" conduit bender and about 20' of conduit and bend yourself up a table. If you have access to a welder the connections can all be done in less than an hour, which will cost you about $70 if you have to hire a shop to do it. Then just shear a piece of 11 ga aluminum and you are pretty close to a Cambridge welding style table for less than $150.
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Check out the table I made last December....the thread is: getting ready for the grand.
The table has worked great on two grand trips and is going again in January. This upcoming trip I'm taking a mini ping pong table top to put on top of the table.. Let the fun begin!
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HDPE can warp in direct sunlight when combined with temps around 100 degrees.
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Park City, Utah
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I bent my own 1/2'' and 3/4'' (for the legs) tubing with an emt bender. 1'' is overkill IMO.

I cut the Skidguard to follow the radius for the tubes. I then ran a 3/8'' quarter-round router bit around it and applied 3 coats of spar varnish. In 4 seasons it's held up quite well. 3/4'' Skidguard is not really necessary. 5/8'' would probably be fine for most applications.

I also used 3/4'' for the side boards and floors of our hybrid NRS/speed rail frame cat frame. That's one heavy mutha'! Another reason to consider 5/8''. Not sure there a huge weight savings there, but.......
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Austin, Texas
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I have a Recretec table. It has a wood top and is built out of electric steel conduit. I bought it in 99. 2 things, one, it floats makes it easier to dunk as you wash it off. 2nd, it never gets too hot to walk on! Now fabing every thing my self from frames to drag bags ect. I would build my own but I do not regret buying it. It could use a new top now because I can pull a splinter from it but is still going strong. A friend of mine had the one that Bighorn posted. It worked nice enough but for the same price you can get a Cambridge table (last I saw they where around $220). The Recretec and cambridge tables are a bit more stable in high winds ect. You can stab the legs into the sand nice and deep. Plus it is taller so u don't need to bend over as you prep and cook.Also it is more level in the sand as you can push the high end further into the sand. @ tall boy, after the prep, "fish mouths", welding, grinding/sanding. I think you are way off on your shop time. I think I could get in around 60-70 bucks with the materials list (wood top)? It takes an hour to get the stuff to your house before u start your build. I would like to redo mine with a cutting board material for the top. I think that stuff is $$$. I need to find a wholesale source on it. Bikeman, is the stuff u r talking about black with a slight texture? If so, my cat frame floor has that laminated to the ply. That stuff is great. mine is 15 years old and still in good shape. Maybe you can call Rec-re-tec or Cambridge and see if they can give you advice on the source?
Best of luck either way.
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Park City, Utah
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I'm not sure Skidguard is available in black anymore. Ours is a yellowy tan color.

The 36'' height is one of the main reasons I like our table. Those roll-up tables are too low for my back. One thing to keep in mind is that you could get at least (4) river table tops out of one 4' x 8' sheet of Skidguard. You'd save a bunch if you had some fellow boaters that wanted go in on it with you.
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