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Stinky jackets

As we approach the end of our guide season here I am noticing just how stinky the pfds are. We fabreeze them each day and hang them each night but the stink is fully infused. Anyone have some tips on pfd rejuvenation for next season?

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BO or river funk?

Try a Simple Green solution soak?

I guess I'm "lucky". The local rivers are rarely warm enough to wear a PFD without at least a splash jacket, and the rios are generally clean, themselves.

My polypro, on the other hand...might be hazmat!
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We use some stuff called sink the stink on our customer gear. An ounce treats like fifty gallons or something so its cheap and works OK. For my own stuff i get some Dr. Boners Castle Soap. Put some of that in the bath tub and over your pfd, chacos, dry gear, whatever. Fill up the tub and let it soak for a day or so. Mix it around every now and then and you've got fresh gear.
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The Old Troll
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Car Wash
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Sink-The-Stink gets my vote.
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This will not help the conversation one little iota. But... It's what I thought of when I read the subject line.

Stinky Britches - Video Clips - South Park Studios
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Soak in Ivory dish soap & vinegar. Or try adding vinegar to any solution you're using.
White or apple cider vinegar.
you have booties, stuff them with newspaper after wash. Dry with the newspaper.
jill tip
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I cant say enough how sink the stink is the best de-funker out there. Ive brought back ski gloves and boot liners from make you gag to barley used.
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L Knapp
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When I worked for an outfitter we used Sink the stink, dipped the life jackets and all the gear (booties, wetsuits, splash jackets) at then end of every day in a cattle water tank that we filled fresh with new solution and hung them on the back porch to dry. Then we moved them indoors with huge fans moving the air around. The gear smelled great for all the use it got, but it was a ton of work for tired guides. If life jackets stink really bad, I'd first use soap (dish soap, Doc Bronners sal suds, or simple green, whatever, as long as it is soap) to soak the jackets, scrub off any spots or stains with a scrub brush, then rinse them in clean water. If you don't remove the oil and dirt first, it's going to be harder to get them smelling good with anything else. Follow the soap with vinegar or sink-the-stink. I think sink-the-stink is supposed to be an enzyme cleaner that breaks down crud, but it's pretty mild, so frequent use is probably the best bet.
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Sink the Stink is where its at. Home remedy's such as vinegar and dish soap do not have the active enzymes that sink the stink uses.

I personally don't care for the smell of the product, but it beats wet neoprene funk smell anyday. We use it on our personal gear 2-3 times a year and PFDs/gloves/wetsuits smell fine.
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