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I've just started experimenting with this method of a backrest.

It's a rolled up Paco pad strapped to the top of my flat seat board over a drop bag. There are a couple of extra holes drilled just back of centre on this seat board to strap it down.

I like being low in the boat and like easy access to the drop bag underneath. Click image for larger version

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Originally Posted by Conundrum View Post
Iíve tried both. Prefer sitting on a box. Why is everyone sitting on coolers? Passengers should sit on the cooler so the can hand you beers. Passengers need something to do too.
I sit on a padded box, my cooler is in front of me, and passengers in front of cooler. I usually face the lid forward and make my passengers fetch me bevs. And it makes it easier to get into the cooler from the front of the boat on shore.
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I sit on my cooler that has a padded cover. I strap a crazy creek chair through the cooler straps and have the best of both worlds as the mood fits.
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In heavy water, a tractor seat will hold your butt in place better than anything. I used to slide around too much sitting on coolers or dry boxes. Even had the oars push me off my boat too easily a couple of times. I don't like a high seat because I can't lean back far enough when panic power stroking. A tractor seat adds power to your strokes by anchoring your ass.
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Padded box/cooler with a crazy creek. You can switch from back to no back with ease and it doesn't make you sit higher like a seat.
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I row from ethafoam covered drybox. The ethafoam is miserable on its own, so it is always topped with something. I've tried a "tush cush" from Cascade River Gear (think mini paco pad), but I always end up sitting in a pool of water. I've also tried a Crazy Creek chair, which was kind of meh. I have a couple of Aire IKs so I've used the Cheetah Chairs out of those a few times, and that has probably been the best solution for having a backrest, but they are kind of a hassle to strap down and I don't like stuff that can potentially catch my oar handles at crucial times, so I moved on from those as well. In the end, I almost always end up just using a cheap square-shaped throwable boat flotation cushion and use the gear pile as a backrest. It gets me up off the the uncomfortable ethafoam, elevates me an inch or two to see over my passengers, keeps me from sitting in a puddle, doesn't soak up water and become soggy, and since it is attached only by a strap through one of its loop handles at the back hinge side, it is simple to flip out of the way if I need to access something in the box.

I've been chasing the perfect solution for years, but I'd guess that cheap little cushion has been my go-to for at least 5 seasons now. You can get them in a variety of color schemes to match your boat too:
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Originally Posted by trevko View Post
I sit on my cooler that has a padded cover. I strap a crazy creek chair through the cooler straps and have the best of both worlds as the mood fits.

This is my preferred solution as well, prefer it as I can slide to hyside as needed should things not go quite as planned in big water. Rarely use the chair, but if it's needed it's there. My dory has a butt shaped 4" thick ethafoam seat with drain holes, was very comfortable without a seat back on a 28 day Grand trip. Held me in place, but when I needed to move, it was instantaneous. I've been injured (hit to the kidneys) by those bent aluminum seats like Andy likes, have heard of others taking hits from them too, if I were to use a seat, and again, I'm anti seat, I'd use a white low back tractor seat.
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I prefer a high back seat. I like the back support and never carry enough gear to use bags as a back rest. My seat folds forward on hinges, so fast entrance to dry box, two pins to pull to remove.
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I've got an NRS low back seat and bar for sale if you're interested. Make an offer.
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Hard to sleep with a seat. Grand trips I would row to the TL, nap and have the sweep boat wake me up. 8 boat trip that could be 15 minutes. Seats get in the way. If you want back support tie a dry bag behind you and move it around to the angle you want.

No seat allows you to put old blankets or towels to keep the cooler cooler on hot days easier. Drape the towel over the sides and back (not front) and tie down with straps. If the towel/blanket touch the water they will wick water up to keep the cooler cooler. Or throw buckets of water on them. If real hot, drape the towel over the front to cool your legs.

I then sit on scrim. The mesh I use in the kitchen or under a tent. Put the two sides on under the straps so it does not go anywhere. Water goes through it so you are not sitting in a puddle. Your butt does not slide on it either.

In those tough situations where you are having to heave on the oars, no seat allows you to lean back a lot more to pull harder. rare, but only need to do it once to appreciate bracing your feet and showing the gear back to stroke hard.
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