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plainfield, New Jersey
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Raft transport bag

I have switched from a closed bed (cap) to an open bed pickup, and am pondering a bag to stuff my super puma in, I am thinking either the aire small, or NRS medium raft bag, and was wondering if anyone had the aire bag and thoughts on it? Or if anyone had other thoughts.
I have the nrs bag for my culebra and like how easy it is to throw around, and how well it protects the boat from non river drama.

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Denver, Colorado
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Is a nice bag
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My 14 foot nrs boat fits in my soft car top cargo bag. The bag is bomber and I also use it to haul junk when I'm traveling with the family.

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Eugene, Oregon
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This isn't the one I have but you get the idea. I spent around $50 on mine.

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Originally Posted by Voodoo003 View Post
This isn't the one I have but you get the idea. I spent around $50 on mine.
one moment please, loading...
never thought of using one of those. that's a perfect size for a lot of boats.
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For all you folks that are reading this, saying, "that's nice, maybe I'll get one of those someday..." Whether your boat's in an enclosed space or out in the open, you should be rolling it in a tarp at the least, and moving to the fancy schmancy boat bag when you can. Especially with PVC boats - I heard a figure once that most damage to PVC boats happens in transit, not on the river.

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I've never seen a raft in a bag. I've seen about a million rafts, in trucks, on trailers, etc. and haven't seen any harm come from it. To me it's like a cellphone case hip holster, it makes some sense, but nobody is doing it. It might have the added benefit of obscuring the boat so someone steals it, however. I like to take the strap off the rolled boat I the back of a pickup so if someone tries to steal it they have a hard time.
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When we travel with our raft rolled we do use the bag that came with it from sotar. Good protection and helps carrying it.

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Vanderwagen, New Mexico
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I use a Swiss Cargo roof rack bag I picked up at Lowe's for $25.00. Mainly to prevent unexpected rubbing or punctures from shifting of contents while on the road. Mainly, as a paranoid precaution. I also heard a storage bag prevents rodents from nesting in comfy confines of a stored raft.
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A million rafts. Impressive. I thought I had seen a lot!

For everyone else that may not have seen a million rafts in their day....

Last week I fixed a few small leaks and a couple wear spots in a fishing guides ( I wont throw you under the bus) boat. I had it outside inflated, figured he'd bring the trailer. He showed up with the truck, we deflated it and threw it in the back of his new truck. I gave him "the talk" and he went on his way ignoring me because the boat is always on a trailer. The boat was back in the shop two days later with a nice fat rub hole in it.

I bet 1 out of 15 boats come in the shop in a bag or tarp.

At LEAST 25% of the boats in the shop at any given time are holes from transport. Boats rubbing on the side of a truck or an ammo can for 500 miles home, getting dragged, standing them up on edge and twisting them, etc. Most could have been prevented from a tarp or bag. Others flew off a trailer, had rocks under the boat on the trailer vibrating away like an hourly motel bed on a saturday night, etc.

About as many of those boats showed up to the shop wrapped in tarps or in boat bags as randaddy has seen bagged. (which is none if you missed the above post or have him on permanent ignore) I have wrapped my boats in tarps for years. I have gotten home to find holes rubbed through a couple layers of tarp but never a hole in the boat.

At the cost of losing a BUNCH of business I'll give you the fun fact of the day. If you have been to the shop you have probably gotten "the talk". The biggest problem is the edges of the boat when rolled up. Those spots are very susceptible to to abrasion deep enough to cause leaks. The folded over spots and the pointy spots where the boat is creased are under a lot of stress. I have a couple examples if you are not following. First, whats easier to cut, a slack rope or a tight one? Of course a tight rope cuts like butter even with a fairly dull knife where as a slack line may take a few strokes. The other, and better, example is this, try it out and you'll never forget. Take your hand flat and rub your knuckles back and forth on the ground it may scrape a little but will be fine. Now, bend your fingers and rub your knuckles on the ground. Bleeding yet? As you surely know, it will tear the hell out of them in short order. Your rolled raft has a lot of bent over knuckles all the way around the edges. Let those edges rest on the side of your truck or toss that ammo can against them unprotected while you are tired and not paying attention at the takeout and you might as well drive straight to the shop, ill be here.

Put your boats in a bag, burrito them in a tarp, or...thank you for your business.
zach baird
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