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Raft Trailer Weight Rating

What does a fully loaded 16' raft weigh? For a week long trip. I realize this depends a lot on what you bring and what kind of raft and frame, but just generally. I ask this b/c the Aluma 7 x 14 trailer I'm looking at comes with a 2200# axle with no option for an upgrade to a 3500# one. The payload rating is around 1400.

Assume a 123 qt cooler, typical dry box, Grover and rocket boxes, stove and propane, food and drink, etc.

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You will be fine. Lets assume 150 for the raft, 100 for frame, 100 for cooler and 6 large dry bags at 50 apiece. That's only 650lb, so plenty capacity for a few kayaks and more gear.
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I use an Echo 2 place ATV trailer for my 14 ft. Cat. The trailer is 6.5 X 9.5, with a 2000 lb. axle, and 1460 lb. carry capacity. Carries the fully loaded cat with no problem. I've carried my cat and a 16 ft. Raft, with two coolers, 4 dry boxes, 2 frames, and dry bags in this trailer in to Sand Wash for a Deso trip with no issues.
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Since I'm new to this game - when shuttling at the start or end, how often do folks stack more than one raft? Or is that pretty uncommon.
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2-3 high with no problem
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We weighed my 14' Sotar raft sitting on the trailer with single night camping gear, a frame, oars, drybox, full cooler, and 2 hardshell kayaks on top of it. With that load, the trailer weighed in at 1100 lbs. The trailer weighs about 550 lbs, so the other half was the raft and gear. I doubt you will overload it with a 3/4 ton payload.
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I melted a maravia once when the leaf spring broke and the tire contacted the trailer deck. It was a fully loaded 18' for a solo boat commercial four day though. While you probably don't need a heaver trailer for private use, keep in mind the value of your raft.
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We used to carry 2 boats with all of our gear on a small Triton snowmobile trailer.
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It is very easy to overload a 2000lb axle trailer with two long trip boats if your not doing ultra light trips. I have a 5000lb axle under my 8x12 trailer to carry 3 boats for 4day rogue trips and it is just right. If you can find a trailer with a torsion axle it eliminates the leaf springs and all the problems that go with them. Also look for a dexter easy lube axle. These have a factory installed grease zert. When you add grease to the bearing it goes through the bearing to the inner seal and pushes the grease and water, from launching, to the outside. If you use after market bearing buddy's you can blow out you inner seal by adding grease because the pressure is forced in from the cap.

Remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Wheel bearing need to be repacked and inspected every year. This will protect your investment and keep you from showing up the the put in 4 hours late with an epic story about being passed by your own tire while driving down the highway at 75m/hr.
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Good points for sure- I'll add this one since we've got a trailer thread going...

If you're going to be towing a lot- or great distances.... particularly if arrival at a put-in is time critical (permits and such) it's a good investment to carry a spare hub assembly. Pull the cotter pin and crown nut- slide on the new hub, crown nut and cotter pin, and you're on your way. Cheap insurance and a major time saver when the inevitable happens. Doing your bearings on the side of the road could be a real pain- doing the hub thing is a 15 minute job.
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