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Partner stoves

The coleman bit the dust. I know partner stoves are super well made, but worth it? How important is the wind screen? (Really like the smaller two burner nine inch with separable hinges.)


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Depends on how windy the conditions are when you use it and in what situation(s). For making a big group meal, Partner pretty much runs the game...but a full setup with stand and so forth is damn spendy! I've hemmed, hawed, and tried to justify the costs versus conveinence, but alas just went with a Camp Chef Mountaineer. Pretty happy with it, and while maybe not a slim or as cleanly made as the Partner, each burner puts out 2x the output BTUs as theirs! There also a used one up on Geartrade right now for a decent price:
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Honestly, probably depends on how much you camp and how many multidays you find yourself on. If you're using it all the time, it's probably worth it and you can pencil out the dollars per use.

I won't justify it, but they sure are sweet.
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I've used my two-burner for seven years now, for guiding and personal multi-day trips and very pleased.
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i have a 18 " 2 burner with wind screen, very happy with it have had it 4 for years and no issue. the wind screen is great for places with no wind break but if i was to do it again i would do a break apart that fits into a rocket box, although you don't get a wind screen. if you don't need the wind screen you can always just fold it back and it will accommodate larger pots.
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I have a 18", 4 burner, break apart. Big groups I take the whole thing. Small groups just 1/2. Was a thank you present for taking a family on their first raft trip. Just showed up on my door step. Nice way to say thank you and they have very good taste in camping gear. Love that stove.
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I have a 4 burner partner with connections that I'm looking to sell, PM me if interested. I bought it this year but don't need it since another in my group bought one as well.
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We you the 4 burner on all but our smallest (2 person) trips and whould never consider another! If you use a blaster with your set you dont need any more than 10k btu. The stand is nice but heavy and the bag it comes with is worthless. We make a bag for the stand and windscreen that works well. We store the stove in a drop bag without a bag and the other parts go in another drop with chairs and cotts.

We use the stove a lot and have only rebuilt it once in the last 10 years.

There is a thread on here about a DIY wind screen that would be worth a look. If your not using the stand you could easily make a tri fold screen and wed be happy to sell you some scrap 0.63 Aluminium and piano hinge.
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Man i dont get the partner stove thing, i had to use them guiding multi days in idaho for several years in the 90s. i feel like they are overrated and overpriced and you can get a camp chef or something for 1/4th the cost, and it will actually be able to boil a chicky pail full of dishwater. Even in the wind. we had to use the blaster for that. Partners could not even manage to boil a small metal bucket unless it was totally windless and you had 20 minutes or more. Got super tired of burning my knuckles on the recessed knobs and they did frequently require fixing, maintenance to get a good burn. To each his own, but i prefer a camp time stove with larger, 40k burners. i have had my alpine? model for 17years and it is not as pretty as some but works always well. Did not have to payextra for legs or wind screens.i think it cost me $79. Then no need for a dishwater blaster. To each his own, but i used these stoves a ton working on the river and just dont get it. Kind of like yeti coolers after they jacked up prices. I am sure others will jump on this, but id take a camp chef or something similar any day and at the partner prices (dont forget extra $$ for legs, ammo cans, wind screen, spare parts needed to actually use a partner). Servicable stoves, but really just a very very overpriced coleman propane, get a stove with bigger btu ratings and you will not regret it. Maybe they have improved the btus or the design in the last 10years, i dunno. Commence the haters.
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I used a Coleman for years, in fact it was my "house stove" for two years of everyday use when I built my cabin many moons ago. I bit the bullet and got a partner and while I still have my trusty Coleman I haven't even thought about using it since.

Instead of the stand and windscreen, I set mine up on my table and position it behind the kitchen box when I need a windscreen, but that is a rare event. We use a roll-a-table to make up for the counter space we lose by not having the partner stand. I went this route because I have a break apart and then stand defeats the purpose of that feature.

I have had it on a 5 day and 6 day trip this year, each trip being 15-16 people and only went through half of an #11 tank on each trip. We rarely even use the blaster anymore. Someone else brought one on the Salmon trip we finished last week and it never even made it out of the boat.

I considered packing an old MSR whisperlite windscreen but haven't found a need for it yet.

For what it's worth, I was on a Deso trip last year where a 10 year old camp chef that looked to be in good condition and well cared for died on us and it wasn't field repairable.

Check back in in another decade or so and I may have something different to say about my partner by then
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