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muffler shop

Just drop by a muffler shop. They have crimpers/expanders and can fit your pipe for a couple bucks.

Or buy a tail-pipe expander tool. Flare the 1.5" just a little bit and the smaller pipe will fit in. Then you can just drill and pin to hold them.

Practice with scrap first if possible.

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BTW, I'm in SLC. Not sure why that wasn't showing up on my profile.
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I like any solution that involves buying a new tool... and beer! Hadn't thought of the tail pipe expander, might try that. Otherwise can take the mess to a muffler shop, that's easy. Yes, Hollander and Nurail both make fittings that will reduce the size, but they're like $15 apiece and I'd have to take frame further apart to get those on... honest, taking 5 hundredths off the pipe w/sandpaper doesn't seem like that big a deal. I can almost get the smaller to run up inside the bigger by angling it and forcing, but given how soft alu is I'm afraid of wanging on it too hard and getting out of round.
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Originally Posted by kellywelding View Post
a tail-pipe expander tool
Who knew? This is why I love The Buzz!
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Definite maybe
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You may run into problems with that expander. I'd think the aluminum would crack. There may be more bendable alloys but you might lose the rigidity your looking for. Let us know what you figure out. I had been thinking about sleeping something similar to make adjustable oar towers.

Now those dimensions you have to start the thread are for pipe. What about using tubing, or tubing matched with pipe. Just thinking out loud here.
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6061 does have a tendency to crack if pushed too far. For tighter bends and shenanigans like this, I generally default to 6063.
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You could Anneal the pipe before trying the expansion. Search YouTube for how to.
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Especially because one you join the two ends it will be double thick...I'd say go for it. Its definitely a great job for a lathe... but I've sleeved two pieces of pipe together using a flap wheel before with good success.

Definitely be careful with the expanders...but I bet it works if you only need to get a couple thou bigger. One of my frames has swaged (compressed... opposite of expanded... whatever) ends to join the sections that are held together with bolts through cross drilled holes and it seems to work well.
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Some muffler shops are able to expand pipe/tube. Generally they work with steel though.
If using Al I 2nd the suggestion to use 6063 over 6061.
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