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So you don’t have to call me darlin…. darlin....

So that is the gist of it,
I think the inside tube on my set Sotar Legend cat tubes are not worth the weight and added expense. Single chamber is the way to go.
In my short time cat boating I have learned 3 things:

1) The lighter my boat is the better it performs.
2) Inside tube is overkill.

I am now amazed at how much extra weight I see all over my cat rigs. The 11 Ft. single chamber tubes I have are sooooo much lighter than my 12.5-Ft. double chamber tubes. If I could do design over on all my cat tubes I would go single chamber. I guess, maybe, I could see it on a big 16 ft multi-day boat, but personally I don’t think I will ever ask for a double tube again.
Maybe just like 12.0, tubes but add an 1-2 in. on the diameter. Make them short and squatty, like that chick i hooked up with at the Coloma Club last spring.
That extra weight is a real pain in ass if I try wheel-in my cat and gear like on hike-in trips such as The Forks or Giant Gap., or just at take-out or loading, weight= malo
Look at all modern rafts: I never see chafe strips on the bottom of boats or bumper guards around the outside perimeter tubes like old Hysideor or Riken rafts. Just go look at, no go pick up and carry piece of dirt pig of an Avon with all that extra chafe and fabric.. put many a guide on disability ,British can’t get shit right.

I am surprised how much extra weight I see on my boat in the seat, oars and tubes. Think like backpack light or bike design. I dont think you can be too light in cat boating. I am getting old and need a smarter, lighter design.

So someone tell me a story of how their second inside tube saved their trip and i bet they could have made it out with some WD-40 and a Craftsman's Wrench.... I ain't prejudice its just tubes made in America should be light.

Cuz that old man is my old man.....

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Bring some duckies.
A few years back somebody was rowing my buddies 16’ NRS down the big ditch, (said buddy was also on trip in his yak), and rower overinflated the shit out of the inner chamber, as I remember the story, at least.
Hit a rock and put a very long rip down the tube, they comendeered a couple of duckies, and limped the thing into camp. Took every scrap of patch material on the trip, to get the thing usable again.
Funny thing was, that I was sitting at my buddies place of work, and I knew about the episode, before the TL did, who was running sweep. They got a new tube, and more patch material, donkied in, at phantom.

So the moral of the story, you don’t really need that extra chamber, just bring duckies! (At least the dam things really are good for, something.)
The river probably thought, “ he is such an insignificant, pitiful, little creature, with such a short time to live, I will let him go this time, and try to teach him something” - Buzz Holmstrum
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Not sure this qualifies as saving our trip, but the double tube allowed us to get to shore and do our best to patch up the rip at the end of the primary tube. This was day one or two on a middle fork trip a few years back. It ended up needing to be repaired at Sotar as the rip went up under the end cone where we couldn’t get to it. We had to pump it up several times a day for the remainder of the trip. Every morning the boat was floating on the secondary tube. I don’t have any experience with hiking gear in, but I agree, the lighter the better.
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