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Incept Floor too Thick to fully load?

I recently got an 96' Incept W50S 16'6". The floor wasn't filled when I scoped it out so thought it was like all the other boats I've seen. Then I get it home and fill everything and the floor has what I imagine to be some kind of special floor to give it a keel of sorts. there's a central "hump" and two smaller "humps" along the each side of the tubes. The central/main keel "hump" has got to be a foot thick when inflated which leaves me around a foot to the top of the tubes.

My problem is I've always been told (I'm fairly novice) everything must be suspended off the floor by at least a little bit so if I hit a rock or something it won't sandwich/pinch the floor between the rock and say my dry box. With this thick floor, I'm pretty sure my cooler/box etc. will be difficult to lash high enough to clear the floor while also being low enough to sit at the oars.

Should I:
1)not worry about stuff resting in contact with the floor because its thick and unlikely to "sandwich" on a rock.
2) just get higher oar mounts and sit higher? Are there disadvantages to sitting high?
3) run my floor softer and so it doesn't push up as hard on the straps holding my junk to the frame?
4) get a different style of frame?

Is this style of floor not intended for Extended Trips/full loads?

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Sounds like you have blown I-beams. Post a photo.
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I agree, sounds like blown I beams. Difficult to repair. I would just run it "as is". If your rigging a frame and boxes, don't inflate the floor to full pressure until you are rigged and in the water.

I have paddle guided numerous boats with I beam damage, and my old 11 foot oar rig had I beam problems in the rear. You don't really notice any difference on the river, performance wise....maybe draft an few inches deeper in the middle.

Hope you got this raft on the cheap side. If so, use it, abuse it, patch it, abuse it more, then upgrade....yeah buddy
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I guess there is a chance they made a floor like that but without seeing it, I'd cast another vote for blown I beams. Sounds like two blown I beams in the middle making the big hump, in tact I beams on either side of the big hump, then one more blown on either side of the intact ones creating the smaller humps. You should be able to see where the i beams used to be. At least it is symmetrically blown and shouldn't affect the tracking as bad as if they were all blown on one side.

It isn't the biggest deal to use as is but I would advise you run the floor soft. If the I beams on either side of the big hump blow, (which is likely if you put decent pressure in the floor, especially if it gets hot) the boat will be fairly unusable because you'll have one big hump that will damn near fill up the whole raft and it will teeter back and forth on the floor if you float it. Just remember that hump extends down into the water every bit as up and more so once you smash coolers and boxes down on it. It will draft low so pay attention to shallow rocks, sticks etc. that you would typically float over.

If there is water in the floor, which is likely, get it dried out ASAP. Don't let it sit inflated on a beach in the sun, especially black side up.

With that many blown I beams, if you brought it into the shop I would likely try and get you into a new floor if the tubes were in good shape.
zach baird
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