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Denver Metro, Colorado
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I loaned my boat out, and...

I have a question for you buzzards:

Please note that I ma not trying to bash anyone. I am a bit irritated, but I really want to know what is the right thing to do. Please don't speculate as to who this is.

I loaned out my 16' Avon, frame, and a few odds and ends to a friend of mine who was going on the Grand Canyon. He has his own boat, but he was taking at least one passenger and could not fit both of them on this cataraft (it's set up for one).

I just get the gear back last weekend. There are several issues with the gear, and I am wondering what I should ask him to cover or not cover. Any suggestions? Here's my list:

1. Everything is filthy. He said he cleaned it, but then he drove it on a flatbed trailer over I70 in the mountains during the snow to bring it back, and did not tarp it. There is road grime all over it. And I don't think he cleaned it very well in the first place - there is red mud in all of my drop bags. I have spent at least a day and a half cleaning everything, and I haven't even gotten to my boat yet. We'll see how that is when I inflate it.

2. He damaged my (backup) GPS. I gave him a clear, small drybag to keep it in (that's how I always use it), but he took it out and it got wet and it is now ruined. That GPS is supposed to be be "water resistant," but I never trust that myself so I gave him the drybag. They don't sell or repair them anymore. It got wet and now does not work at all. I have another, but I did still use this one occasionally.

3. One of the ties on straps of my brand new drop bag is worn through - there is only about 2 mm of strap left (they are 1" straps) right at the base of the strap. I will have to send it back to replace it, if they can even do that. It was BRAND new - I had just bought it and never used it.

4. I am missing a couple straps (that by itself isn't a big deal, but I wanted to have full disclosure.)

5. I am missing the base for my umbrella. It is the kind that clamps on to the bars.

He did tell me about the GPS before I got the boat back. Otherwise this has all been "discovered" as I clean up my gear. (Honestly, that is really what irritated me the most. I was irritated that he did not either know or own up that he ruined the strap on my dropbap, and that he didn't even know that he lost the base to my umbrella.)

On the plus side, he did give me two oarlocks, replaced two D-rings, and glued on a couple of other D-rings (I haven't looked yet - I hope he did a nice, clean job). I provided all the D-rings, he provided the glue and the labor.

What, if anything, does he owe me? He did ask me if he could borrow my boat. I did not charge him to for it, so I saved them a lot of money from renting. Am I being overly sensitive? I am not sure what to do or to ask for.

Ideas? I don't want to be a pain in the a$$, but this might ruin a friendship (from my perspective) if I don't say anything. And I have learned my lesson to not loan out my gear. Ever.

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no tengo
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Baytopia, Colorado
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sounds like he owes you a gps unit, umbrella base, drop bag (probably can be repaired), a couple of straps and loads of quality beer for loaning you the boat and him not cleaning it. pretty clear cut don't be shy.
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Denver Metro, Colorado
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Ah - found the umbrella base in my repair kit. I usually leave it on my frame, so I didn't expect to find it there. One less thing to fuss about. :/

All my straps, rocket boxes, frame, oars, and drop bags are cleaned and put away. Yay!

He's coming up this weekend, so I should probably figure out what I am going to do by tomorrow morning. Boat cleaning is tomorrow morning as well - I expect to find she's A-OK.
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seattle, Washington
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Your friend is a jerk for even asking to borrow gear for 3 weeks. That's too much to ask a friend for. You're the bad guy if you say no and if you say yes your gear is going to get beat to shit for 3 freakin weeks. He owes you $500. That's less then half the price he would of paid if he rented.
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cedar city, Utah
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Anything he broke or damaged needs to be repaired or replaced. Ideally that conversation happens before gear is loaned out but it is inherent to the loan in my book. Its the basics of being a good person.

The gear should have been cleaned once the road trip was done and have been in the same condition or cleaner then when it was borrowed. That is a huge party foul on his part. River side cleaning is basic first step but a fellow boater should know to do a thorough job before handing it in.

I have 1-2 buddies I lend out gear to and that is it. Those people bring my gear back in top notch shape and 303'd. But those are the people I also borrow from.

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Denver, Colorado
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I agree he owes you for the GPS.

If you are going to clean everything before he shows up you are done. If you want to make it an issue don't clean the boat before he sees it.

Did you give him a strap inventory before the trip? If you gave him 20 straps he owes you 20 straps.

Drop bags get worn and sometimes straps wear. Ask him to repair the strap. Judy @ AAA as well as others can usually fix those straps.

You lent him the boat, it seems you are mad because he didn't maintain the boat the way you thought he should have or how you would have.
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Shit Grandie, if you loaned me that rig for the Grand I'd return it detailed clean and 303'd with new straps, a case of good beer, and any item lost or damaged replaced or repaired like new. There's no excuse for what he did after you saved him a grand on a rental!
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We went on a grand trip and I borrowed one boat from each of two friends. We kept a list of everything that got lost or damaged during the trip. At the end of the trip we all met for a day of cleaning and repairing, not just the borrowed boat, but the boats of those of us that went on the river. Everybody that had something lost of damaged was contacted and asked what they wanted us to get them to replace the items. This included some items that belonged to those of us that went on the trip.
All the items where purchase, the bill was totaled and split among everyone on the trip. I told my friends that if they found anything else that was amiss to let me know so we could make it right.
If you are not willing to completely replace all lost and damaged items then you should not borrow anything. My friends are still my friends and I have also lent them whatever items I have that they need. It is a trust issue.
You need to find a way to nicely convey this to your friend.
You had me at 'Hey, Row'
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p.c., confused
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gear is one thing but never do I ever loan my boat out!
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montrose, Colorado
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Old eskimo saying goes like this:
" loan a man your knife and it comes back with a dull blade, loan a man your sled and it comes back with a broken runner but loan a man your wife and everyone is happy!"
Once saw a loaned boat wrapped around Snaggletooth and everything was gone in the morning.
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