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Line Tree, Colorado
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How to protect drop stitch floor

I have an NRS Outlaw with the drop stitch floor. I wanted the hard floor so I could stand up to fish. However, after one use the floor already has a hole in the top fabric, so I guess that is not going to work. is there a good way to cover the floor to prevent wear and more holes?
Thanks, Jack

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Fraser, Colorado
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That should nor be happening with any floor, unless you had something down there hard or sharp that was rubbing against it.

If it’s a new boat, and no type of abuse like that, then definitely give NRS a call, they have been really good about dealing with any problems, in my experience.
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Boise, Idaho
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were you wearing spiked/cleated wading boots? there is no way normal standing/moving on a drop stitch floor in normal shoes could cause that...
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lafayette or Grand Lake, CO., Colorado
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The best advice I can give is to figure out what you did to cause the hole and do not do it again. No way regular use, including standing on it for a month could cause a hole. Did you travel inflated with hard stuff tossed in on the floor? Did you load sharp cornered boxes in the bottom for the float/fish? Did you strap gear tight to the floor? Unless it was there when you bought the boat you put something in the boat where the hole is other than feet with shoes on.
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To answer your question, you could get a length of PVC tarp, lay it out on the inflated flooring and trace a pattern on it, matching the flat part of the floor. You would then completely deflate the floor and glue it to the floor with HH-66 (the correct glue for PVC), slowly glueing and bonding it down as you go with a roller to make a solid bond. Mark the spot where you have your leak and make sure to do your best gluing there. Then take a book and put lots of weight on top of it for wide even pressure and leave it over night over the leak to ensure you never leak there again. That will give you extra protection and if you select a good color and take your time it shouldn't look too ugly. If you get holes through that... well.... see the above comments.
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Line Tree, Colorado
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In reality I did nothing to abuse it, with either boots or sharp objects. The hole is right over the corner of one of the hard plastic pieces under the floor that lock it place. I must have stepped right in the wrong place. The boat has only been used once, on slow water on the Grey reef section of the North Platte last summer.
No hard containers or other load, just me and my wife wearing Teva sandals. Did not notice the hole until I inflated it this spring. I was really disappointed. It looks like tough material, but it sure wasn't. I may call NRS, because as it stands now I am concerned it won't stand up to even light use.
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Where did you store it? Maybe a mouse found it interesting and took a bite
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As a former NRS Outlaw owner, I feel your pain. Those drop stitch floors have known issues. Is it a small pinleak? They're known for them. They also develop leaks around the glued seams of the fabric. I owned one for about three years and had five patches. One patch was from a dropped cigarette, the other four are mystery patches that seemed to crop up out of nowhere. There's not much you can do other than to get familiar with Tear Aid and take it off once or twice a season and fix with real patches. NRS may offer you a new floor if you have a warranty, you'll have to call them about it.
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Personally, I'm on my third season with an outlaw and haven't had any problems with the floor, other than the obvious issue that stuff and mud can go under it...but nothing has caused a leak. I'd contact NRS.
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