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Unincorporated Douglas County, Colorado
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Help my poor boat

I have a 14' Vanguard self-bailer that I bought used from Timberline Tours. As part of getting a very nice price, I agreed to paint over the Timberline name plate. I am willing, but the paint isn't. It sticks for awhile, but then is gone, in a particularly disgusting pattern.

Does anyone know what paint sticks to PVC. No, I don't want to MEK my boat? I don't even want to MEK a small part of my boat.

Does anyone know of a paint color that is close to the light blue that Vanguard uses? My current configuration has been described as 'clown boat', and I'd like to fix that.

Tried Holly, she just said call Clavey. Clavey said they have no clue on the problem, don't know of any paint that does that.

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Summit County, Colorado
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Funny you should ask. We have a friend that has been dealing with the same issue since he bought his Vanguard from Timberline a few years back. I believe he even tried to put a patch over it, which eventually came off. Now he just has it how be bought it - with Timberline blacked out, but you can clearly tell that it says Timberline. I'm sure he'll be interested to see if anyone has ideas.
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Urethane would most certainly work as would a properly applied patch. Both options require MEK or acetone to prep the surface of the PVC for application so if for some reason you are dead set against any ketones on your boat then you may have trouble getting anything to stick. Same goes for any patches you may need in the future. I agree you dont want to soak the boat in MEK to get the letters off and do nothing more but MEK and PVC repair go hand in hand.
zach baird
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Evergreen, Colorado
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I have some of this stuff you can try if you want.
DEVCON Flexane 80 Putty, Urethane, 4 Lb Kit, Blk - Putties - 3DPJ4|15850 - Grainger Industrial Supply
I live in Centennial, PM me if you think it would work. As a note, i originally bought this to re-coat a Marivia SB floor but haven't found the time, or enough people to get the job done yet. It does however dry flexible just like a Urethane coating. Its just been sitting in my garage, so if you want to try it let me know.
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Totally a gheto brainstorm here:

how about putting a square of fabric of the colour of your choosing over the logo, and Tear-Aid tape that's an inch or two larger in every dimension on top of that? You'd just be using the frabric as a visual barrier, and the Tear-Aid around the edge holds it on.
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Unincorporated Douglas County, Colorado
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I spoke with Holly owner of Vg, awesome personage, and described my plight. She said that a urethane paint would work, and the best thing to do would be contact Inflatable Technologies in Denver, describe the problem and ask about 'System 6'.

I did that, spoke with Zach, and he said they are in the middle of season rush, and I should call back Sept./Oct., or I could wait 2 to 3 weeks until they can get to it. Cost would be around $200, and they can come close on match, but not perfect.

We also discussed MEK, and he said you have to be careful, but don't really have a lot of choice. He said most problems with MEK and PVC come with overuse. You moisten/dab the surface, not wash or soak it. He also said that Staybond has some MEK/Acetone in it already, so a patch with it will hold, but not as well as it might. MEK will dissolve the surface layer, which is not good, but you need to weaken it enough for the glue to penetrate.

Faced with MEK as a solution (hehehe), I may contemplate simply doing a light MEK dab over the Timberline patch, and then gluing on a patch of PVC fabric. I don't know if they sell the color, but Vanguard lists yard goods for sale on their site, and 2 feet of fabric at $20 per foot is cheaper than $200. Also, since I would be MEKing just the Timberline patch which sits over the Vg raft skin, it wouldn't bother me as much.
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Willi..., Willimina, OR
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Duct tape the logo and move on
Gary Foam
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Unincorporated Douglas County, Colorado
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Tried duct tape. Two problems, first they painted on the 'Timberline' with what seems to be a urethane paint. The adhesive in duct tape does not bond strongly to urethane. Next , the surface material being thinner than PVC fabric, it expands much more rapidly when it gets warm creating gaps which further weaken the bond. You end up with a sticky and bare PVC and urethane Timberline patch.
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Just name your boat, "Timberline."
Problem solved...
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Painting over names

If the name you wish to coveris on a "patch" deglaze patch with a drill and something such as a 3-M wheel or Nylon spoked paint stripper wheel or by hand with a course sand paper with boat fully inflated out of the sun. If name is directly on boat clean area with Mek or toluene and a piece of cotton material and do not sand.
Use Staybond paint(not gaco flex which is for hyp/neo) or I just use hardware store spray paint. Mask with duct tape. Do 3 thin coats-maybe 4 a day apart. If name is covered in 2 coats you're probably going a bit thick.
Match paint more with name in mind than boat color if your using spray paint.(for instance a black name may show through blue paint) Stay bond paint(This brand may not be available anymore, but a urethane paint should be available-although prob not cheap) should hide name when matching boat or name color. Doc{Dr. Dry's Raft Repair}
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