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Halkey Roberts Valves for 1994 NRS raft

I have a 13 foot 1994 NRS Expedition raft and it has the old Halkey Roberts valves. I can't remember the model (I'll unroll my raft tonight and post the model number).

I ordered new ones from NRS and they do not thread into the nut (I know it says this on their website but I wanted to be sure).

NRS says you have to cut the boat to replace the valve. This just seems insane. It seems some people are still selling these old valves. Does anyone know of anywhere you can get them?

Any ideas for repairing them? I have cleaned them with alcohol and Q-tip but I think the problem is that the spring is just old and needs to be replaced. I am afraid to try pulling them apart because I don't want to completely break them (they are working well enough now)

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

We should all get a class action lawsuit going against Halkey Roberts for changing the thread pattern on their valves. Was this really necessary?

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If they are the long valve cap style, sotar has a bunch of rebuilt valves, but they are pricey. Somebody else recently posted about being able to thread the newer short valves into the old long valve nut. Search "old halkey Roberts short valve"

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I've had some luck swapping summit valves for HR vales, and old style for new style.

It can take some effort, but I've been able to gently work a new female valve end inside the tube through the existing hole. PVC seems to have enough stretch to just use the existing hole.

Hypalon might need 1/8" trimmed from the hole. Use an exacto knife or shard scissors and be gentle.

Worst case, on old avon valves with the valve boot, I've used a heat gun to remove the boot, and glued a donut over the old hole with a new valve in it.

Not any more work than a good patch...
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Ok so the valve is the old short style (according to NRS). Model #690 BV
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They no longer make those. I had them on my old AIRE. Changed them all to leafield c-7. A little work with a lot satisfaction.

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I bought whatever NRS was selling this spring for HR valves from their website to replace my 690BV valves that were in my Aire Ocelot. they threaded in just fine. but from what I understand.. Mileage may vary here.. sounds like HR was not big on standards even within the same model.
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HR shorts are tough to come by. Do you have caps? The HR valves, especially the old ones, rely on a final seal from the cap. If the valve seeps but the cap seals it, I would just roll with it. If you dont have caps you can make medium caps work by stacking rubber washers if that makes sense. I have worked new springs over the top of old ones before and that has helped as well. Find an appropriately sized spring and thread them on over top. Then you will have more pressure on the plunger.

If you can't make those fixes work or find valves, retrofitting new valves is a bit of a project but not the end of the world. Getting new females/boots inside is unlikely without cutting the boat. If you brought it to the shop I would remove the old valve, cut a slit in the existing valve hole remove the old HR short female/boot and insert the new C-7 or D-7 female/boot piece. (The D-7 has a lower profile female and will require a smaller slit.) Then would be the time to decide whether or not the valves are where you want them. If they are, glue a donut inside and outside then install the valve. If they are not, cut a new hole for the valve, glue an inside donut to reinforce the fabric, install the valves in the new location and inside/ outside patch over the old valve location. It is time consuming but not that difficult of a repair compared to baffle work, I beams and rips in hard to work on areas. Valves are typically in easy to reach places that you can get flat and are away from seams,baffles and d rings which makes things easier to work on.
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long valve cap

I just got a Wing inflatable that has old Halkey Roberts valve with no caps, these are the long cap bayonet style caps, does anyone know if I can get the those, or if someone made an after market that would fit, I have search the the internet with no luck, Mike
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If any of you are looking for caps still, I am about to start having them 3D printed, and if you let me know how many you want, I can get them made for you. Still waiting for my final price quote from my vendor and hoping my cost will come down, but as of now it looks like I will be able to sell caps for $25/piece or 5 for $100. That will cover my costs, not much more. If I can get them cheaper, you will too.
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