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Denver, Colorado
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Dry ice, learn me please

Doing deso next week and going to use our cooler the last 1/2 of the trip.
Debating dry ice as it's supposedly good and useful,
How much would you put in a 100 qt or 150 qt?
Where does it go? Top, bottom? Can I put cubed ice all around everything else or still use my home made ice blocks?
Please share what you've learned!
We appreciate it!

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I have debated taking dry ice but, upon looking into it, decided
a). It's expensive
b). Potentially dangerous
c). Could damage the cooler and ruin certain foods.

If you can prechill your cooler, keep it closed until the second half of the trip, and keep it shaded under a wet towel, you can easily have ice with much less hassle. That is my experience. Not saying I won't try it someday and curious to hear what others say.
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I've used a small amount to prechill my Yeti 110 the day before a trip. It works well to get the cooler nice and cold and then go shop and pack with crystal geyser blocks made in my home freezer. If all you have is a meat cooler the dry ice would work to keep everything frozen solid. Veggies and any food will get very rubberized with dry ice. In my opinion its not really economical or that practical. I've often thought about how cool it would be to make a little bit while on the river using a fire extinguisher and a bucket of some cold water. Science meets cold beer on day 7.
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For long trips in the desert I've brought 2 coolers before. 1 with the food, Drink and Ice then 1 with just Ice and dry ice on top. The dry ice will keep the regular ice frozen a long time. Then it can be added to the main cooler as needed. Put beer in river in the evening, then in the food cooler in the morning with some more ice each day.
I seem to remember adding 2 pieces of dry ice that were about 1 1/2" X 12" X 12" or so and that kept a whole cooler full of the regular ice frozen for 4 or 5 days.
That was on a powerboat on Lake Powell where space wasn't a problem, though.
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Tabernash, Colorado
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A really cool use for dry Ice I saw this spring, was to fill a water cooler about 3/4 full of beverage ice, then an insulating pad, then the top 1/4 or so dry ice. It did not look like any of the beverage ice had melted when opened on day 5.

Thanks for sharing to, James!
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When packing for a 2 day road trip to the put in I like to top my frozen food cooler off with about 3-5# of dry ice. I have left Colorado and on day eight, five on the river of a main salmon trip ( launching 3 days after hitting the road) in July had Brownies with Ice cream after dinner. I use it so I don't need to top off with crap Ice from a gas station. I never pack anything in the frozen food cooler that I don't want frozen like milk, butter, veggies till launch time and keep in a separate cooler till then. Two coolers, one with frozen only and one with dairy and veggies is the way to go if you have the room like ColoradoDave said.
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Central Point, Oregon
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I have had good success using dryice in the ice resupply cooler. Fill the cooler with ice blocks and leave enough space for 10lbs of dry ice in the top middle of the cooler (about the size of one block). Fill the empty space with cruched or cubed ice. Once the lid is closed seal it with vynal tape and don't open untill you need to resupply. Day 5 ish you should have about 75% of the cooler volume worth of ice left to feed into other coolers.
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Old Snowmass, Colorado
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Great thread, thank you. I've always wondered about dry ice, but have never used it.

Question... Those of you preserving water ice with dry ice... You are using a Yeti style cooler..?

I only have one of those... presently.

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I have had good results with dry ice. About 5 lbs will last around 24 hours in a regular Coleman in hot 100 degree days. You can crack a regular cooler if the dry ice is against the cooler wall or floor, but I think high-end yeti style coolers are more bomber. I put the dry ice on top of the cooler, not the bottom, because if you had some water/ice melt, it could create a hazard or at least deplete the dry ice more quickly.

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I use dry ice to freeze water in my cooler. I start with blocks of ice, then add an inch of water and the dry ice. About 1w hours later I add another 2 inches or so of water. I think I use 10 lbs of dry ice for this, maybe a bit more. For really hot trips I add water a 3rd time.
Living in Montana, boating in Idaho
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