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DIY Block Ice Molds

DIY Block Ice Molds

I’m considering buying commercial block ice molds used by shaved ice businesses and ice sculptures to make their own block ice to save money from purchasing from block ice venders. Looking online, there are a variety of options on the market from plastic, rubber, metal, and varies sizes/shapes of molds.

Has anyone used a large block ice mold to DIY their own ice? If so what did you buy? Thanks!

DIY Block Ice Molds

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I made my own with scrap 1/4" plywood. L shaped metal fasteners screwed on around the form hold it together. I put 2 pieces of plastic sheeting (6 mil thick) into the form to hold the water in as it freezes. It works perfectly and gives me the exact shape of ice I need for my cooler.
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I went to lowes and bought cheap square-ish organization containers.
Similiar to this.

I got some that would fit in the cooler we were using.

For longer trips, I will freeze late trip meals vacuum sealed into each one, and separated the blocks in the cooler with cheap cutting boards.

Now I've got ice blocks below with food inside them, and ice blocks above that are purely ice.

And after all that I still like freezing gallon jugs better, they don't make a mess when they melt.
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hunting freezers

I've been going to the local hunting processor. They've charged me like $20.

I fill the bottom of the cooler with about 2" of water and put it in their freezer over night. Rock solid the next day and lasts . . .
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I have a food sealer so I buy the uncut rolls of bags, cut bags to the length of my coolers,fill them up, squeeze out as much air and seal them so I get a long flat block that fits the bottom of the cooler well. They hold up well, are reusable and don't leak.
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What ever you use be careful to seal the blocks if you want drinking water. The ice will absorb smells and flavors of what ever else stored in the frig/freezer.

Last fall there was a Buzzard talking about using gallon SunnyD bottles because their squarish shape. I'm looking forword to trying that this year by filling them with Distilled water and freezing them. Then by keeping them in containers I will have drinking water.
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I use these as molds, freezes well, no leaks and fit in my cooler very well. Four gives me a lot (6 liters) of ice and very cold drinking water after a week or so of melting.
I also make my own ice cubes in these cube trays. These make bigger cubes that last much longer than little cubes. I then pack the cubes in gallon zip lock freezer bags to keep cubes clean and any melt water from the food.

Got a freezer full of ice made, ready to hit a river
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3 Gallon Bucket

I use a 3 gallon rectangular bucket. I've cut a couple inches off the top with a table saw so that they fit in the cooler. It takes a couple days to freeze them though. I've found it is best to add a couple of inches of water at a time or the bottom of the buckets eventually split. I also keep the bucket in the cooler too. That way there is not too much water sloshing around as they melt. Two of those in the 150 qt cooler will last for 7 or 8 days of desert rafting.
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I've been using the disposable containers that lettuce comes in. They are food safe, lidded, and going in the recycle bin otherwise.
They only last a few times before they get too flimsy, but I should be eating more salad anyway.
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I used containers to make ice, but they often broke from the expansion. So I bought a chest freezer off of Craigslist for $50. I marked the inside of my cooler in one inch increments otherwise I tend to make too much ice. About a week before a trip I start adding water 1/2 inch or so at a time.
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