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Carrying a Kayak on my raft for the Grand Canyon...

So, I'm headed out on a Grand Canyon trip next month and will be bringing my Avon Pro raft along and plan on being the primary boatmen for it. I've never met the person who's riding along with me, but I understand that he is pretty experienced in most things Grand Canyon. I haven't talked with him yet, but if he wants to row some of the rapids, I was thinking it would be kind of fun to kayak some while I'm down there.

Even if I don't kayak a ton during the day, I was wondering peoples thoughts on whether it was worth bringing a kayak along to play at camp. Lots of good playwaves at the camps or not so much? I don't really want to go to the extra effort of bringing it along if its never gonna get used.

Thanks for your input.

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Play-waves at camp are rare. You not being tired may be even more rare.
I tried that strategy on my first grand trip. Tried to play twice. Otherwise I basically took my playboat down the river as a hood ornament.
I would definitely talk with him beforehand and get his experience level, because the roaring 20's is a great fun section to kayak on, and that is day 2.
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I took a kayak down on one trip-sharing the rowing with my then-girl friend. I kayaked most things rated 6 and under while she rowed. On the big rapids I rowed the cat and strapped the yak on the back.
Worked out well- might for you too if the guy you're sharing the rowing with doesn't mind trading out. There are some great surf waves down there- mostly stuff on the fly and at the tops of rapids- glassy goodness.

Bring a boat with some hull speed. I had a Necky Gliss and it was excellent for the Grand.
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It sounds like the "experienced" guy backed out and currently we have two less experienced guys as passengers but only till Phantom Ranch. Possibility of people coming to join them, but not sure. If the trip list stays the same as it is right now, I definitely won't be bringing a kayak. It sounds like there will be a communal ducky as well, so I could use that if I really wanted to run some rapids in a smaller boat.

I have to see how well it floats me (I've gained considerable weight since I last used it) but I was thinking I'd bring my old Riot Glide if I was gonna bring something. I also have a DragoRossi Critical Mass creeker that would be cool except it doesn't have a planning hull. It would be great for running the rapids, but its not a great surfing boat. I agree that some of the older Necky boats like the Gliss, Jive and similar would be perfect.

Kind of makes me wish I still had my Riot Hammer (can you tell I'm a fan of Corran Addison boats?). That would be the perfect GC boat I think. Plenty of length for speed and a great planning hull for surfing. I "donated" it to the CU kayak club (aka just left it there when I moved away), so it might still be around. It had a medium sized crack in it though, so not the ideal boat.
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