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québec, québec
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Best throwbag question

I need advise. I want a 75' throw bag with a 3/8'' diameter rope, I also want it to be strapped to to my waist with a quick release. What choices have i got?

I've heard some solutions: - Buy a bag, then buy your rope
-Buy a 75' throw bag and buy a protective bag that is strapped to your waist

Please be specifics, links to the website of compagnies, to shops that sell it, etc.

Thansk for the help

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Cave Creek, Arizona
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I am sure any sewn good manufacture can rig you up something. DRE, Tuff River Stuff, Stitches and stuff...

I just ordered a 75' throw bag From Wet Dream River Supply here in AZ. I have talked with Jason (owner) and Mike a number of times both on the phone and in person. Both are great guys and they make really bomber gear. The website doesn't list all the options and Jason is open to custom orders.

Wet Dreams Throw Bag, Wet Dreams River Supply

Product Page | Down River Equipment Company

Tuff River Stuff - Superior river and camping equipment and quality rafting equipment

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It's going to feel like wearing a football. Why not attach it to your boat and wear a secondary, shorter bag on your body? I love the PFD compatible Astral bags for quick access plus nothing around my waist
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The best bag is the bag you know how to throw. (and the one you get to catch)

We stopped to help unpin a bot in Boulder Creek last week, and the crew we were helping went oh for three on tossing and the re-toss.

Of course KSC's first shot hit the target.

Practice , practice, practice.

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I wish for lots of things....then there is reality.

75 feet of rope in that diameter makes for a large bag ...think nrs big throwbag size....that size bag is simply to large and heavy to be comfortable for most folks to carry on their body.

Most waist throw bags use 50 feet of a small diameter line to try and balance bulk, with usability.

Personally I wear the NRS pro waist throwbag with spectra line, and have the large 70 foot NRS pro throwbag also with spectra line in my boat......I use spectra so I can use the lines if needed in a z drag, or pig rig....big bag is rated to 5,000 lbs, and small bag to 2,600 lbs.

I think you will find the ergonomics of trying to carry 75 feet of large diamter rope to be poor.

But, hey if works for you go for it.


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SLC, Utah
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Agreed with the above posts -that is going to be bulky. Since you really should use static (spectra) line, 1/4 in line seems more appropriate. Make sure whatever prusik or camming device you use for a z drag will work on that rope.
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I wear a Salamander Golden Retriever (specs can be found here).

I mostly bought it because it did double duty as a flip line for when I'm rafting (the tow line works well as a flip strap).

Not cheap, but its well made with Cordura, and quality rope. I've never used the tow line to tow a boat, (actually I've never towed any Kayak anyway), but I assume it would work just fine as it has a quick release.


I have friends that prefer the NRS versions. It is nice that the NRS ones can "pop out" of the belt in order to be thrown. YMMV.
They don't have the tow attachment.
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Consider this one:

H2O Rescue Gear Sharpshooter | H2O Rescue Gear

I had one of the original Mongo designs for a few years and I've used this throw bag for years as well. It's been spot on in rescues and held up great. The main advantage is the throw bag completely separates from your waist belt allowing for a better throw. Also, the quick release on this waist belt works perfectly and holds up compared the the NRS velcro that I've seen loose it's strength over time.

It may be tough to get your ideal 3/8" rope at 75' in a waistbag. That may involve a custom bag being sewn for you.
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+1 for the Astral Bag which fits in Greenjacket and the Salamander Retriever.
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Salamander has a few different waist worn bag options. Some have tow teathers and others remove from the belt. Most have options for 5/16" 2500 lb MFP Spectra Core throw line LINK>Salamander

I also like the Astral chest worn 50ft bag that fits in the Green Jacket. Always on me on the river.
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