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Fort Collins, Colorado
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Best Kitchen Set-up

Been running the old green coleman with the small green propane canisters for car camping for years and now several years of multi-day rafting. Looking to up-grade to a higher level. I see the Partner Steel gear as highly recommended in other threads. Wondering what people's favorite/best kitchen set-ups (for cooking gear) look like.

Considering picking up the 18" (4) burner with stand and wind screen. I wonder if the stand is sturdy? I also considered the blaster as an addition as well but thought that with 4 burners available it might be overkill. I also looked at the (2 burner) 22" stove with lid but felt like it may not have the space I'd like. I would like to run several burners with food and water both. Looking at the sized and anodized griddle set up as well. Feedback?

I know, I know..."It all depends". I get that it depends on the trip size and cook's/rafter's personal preferences. Just wondering what others have enjoyed and might recommend. Usually our trips include between 10 - 20 people. Dont really see going over that mark.

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Partner is the way to go

Partner stoves are super durable and easy to clean, you will be very happy with you purchase. I have own one now to 10 years and it works amazingly.
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Cheyenne, Wyoming
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I can't say enough about my 4 burner partner stove. The stand is very sturdy and, I've never used the windscreen that I bought with it.

On the subject of the blaster, I recommend getting a woodland power stove. I like it because it folds up more compact than the blaster. I've been told it is easier on propane (cannot confirm that).

More importantly, it boils water for coffee way faster than the partner stove. A big bonus on a chilly morning.

We also use the power stove for heating dishwater. Due to the fact that we don't have much table space in my crew we do dishes on the ground. My metal dish basins always end up coated outside with sand. I like that I don't have to put the crusty pails on my nice food cooking stove.
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Salt Lake City, Utah
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I've got two break apart 2 burners from Partner Steel and they are amazing! I really like being able to break the stoves apart for a large 14" dutch or keep them together for a griddle, etc. Nothing wrong with the old green colemans though. But hey if you can afford it I would upgrade to the Partner stoves and never look back.
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Bayfield, Colorado
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Blasters as a rule rock and I think the woodland power stove sounds like a jet plane. They are really noisy. Partner burners have the same BTU's as your basic coleman burners, 10,000 BTU's per burner. If you have a blaster and a reliable two burner stove you are set for at least 90% of the cooking situations you will run into. I like to run a splitter off the tank and run both the stove and the blaster from the same source.
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Ridgway, Colorado
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If money is a concern: Colman + Blaster
The best: Partner + Blaster
The best part of the Colman set up is that when you tell the group that you've got a Colman stove to offer, someone steps up with a Partner and your shiny Colman sits at home waiting for it's day in the sunshine.
Having used both; the only advantage I see in the Partner is being able separate the burners for big pots.
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Ridgway, Colorado
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$90 Colman vs $290 Partner.
Yikes, that thing better give me the reach around at least.
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Basalt, Colorado
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Power Stove Vrs. Blaster

I have a power stove and think highly of it. I'm agree with Mc Farrel about it being very compact. It does use less gas that the Blaster, because is burns at a maximum of 65,000 btu's. What it does do, that the Blaster does not, is to adjust down to a simmer. I too use it primarily for heating dishwater in large galvanized buckets, and of course coffee in the AM. Do be careful of where you set it up as it gets quite hot and will set any ground grass or leaves afire.
Partner stoves are wimpy in the btu department at 10,000 btu's. I prefer the Camp Chef Everest, which sports two 20,000 btu burners. REI has had these stoves on sale the past two springs for $79.00. It's a good option if you don't want to fork out so much dough. Happy cooking!
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I'd recommend the 18" 4 burner break apart and the woodland power stove. For really small trips you can take 1/2 of the partner. For 10 or so, add the blaster. Take it all for the larger trips. Grab all the gas fittings so you can run any combo you want, including the 1 lbers. Really versatile set up that should last forever.
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La Grande, Oregon
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not to bash coleman nor partner but we have used a Stansport 2 burner for years. Use a tree and a aluminum propane tank. The Stansport has two 20,000 btu burners. It is very light. We did experience a problem with the regulator on one and stansport sent a new part for free. Not the most durable stove but again it is very light and works very well
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