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Anyone use this? - Inflatable boat sealant

I have a 14 ft Sotar SL that has a lot of pinhole leaks.

I was thinking about trying this. Anyone have any experiences they want to share would be great.

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I used that stuff a couple years ago, and in my case at least, it didn’t really do all that great, maybe others have had better luck with it.
From what I have gathered though, it is the product to use, if you are going to try something along those lines, as the others tend to remain sticky, and can glue your tubes together.

I am guessing you have already done it, but make sure you take a bucket of soapy water to your boat first, and do your best to track down where the leaks are coming from, paying particular attention to the valves. A lot of leaks are either a leak around the outside of the valve, or coming from the inside, where the plunger seats on the valve assembly.

Good luck with your boat! Seams these days mine tend towards the added feature of being “ self bleeding”!
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Really??? No one else has tried this stuff?

Not sure what happened around this forum since I signed off last fall. The classifieds are not the same as I remember and troll posts get 1500 views and endless irrelevant comments. . .

. . . ask a legitimate raft fix question and . . .
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I have a mid '90s Nez Pierce that I put 17 patches on and reglued some seams. It had a number of places where the hypalon had been rolled repeatedly and cracked and was bleeding through pinholes. I used the treatment on it and my experience was that it was pretty good. My boat needed to be inflated at lunch and again in the morning to remain sea worthy before. After patching the largest leaks and then applying that treatment, I am able to go between 2 and 3 days without adding air.
I have a 16-ft boat and used a bottle and a half the first time. The boat sat on the trailer in the garage and slowly lost air until it was pretty much flat over much of the winter. I didn't notice that the interior stuck to itself when I reinflated it. The next season I reapplied The last half of the bottle to the area is that lost the most air. It seems to be holding up okay. I don't think it holds air quite as well as it did the first year but I'm not going to put any more in this year and I think it will do just fine.
after having put in the treatment, I don't plan to ever roll the boat again unless I am rolling it up to sell it. I don't know whether it would have a problem rolling, but I have the space and I want to maintain the integrity of the interior treatment.
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I wouldn't use the West Marine sealant unless you never roll your boat. It turns to peanut brittle in the boat. When you roll it, it cracks off and makes sharp little pieces that can puncture at worst and bounce around in the boat at best. The stuff NRS sells is better. Inflatable Tech is working on a formula that should be better yet but I'm not sure if he is selling it yet. May be worth a call.
zach baird
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Peanut Brittle

I had an old NRS Scout III that had been treated with this by its previous owner. When I first got it I was doing some pretty extensive patch work on it and I thought there was sand inside the tubes because I could hear stuff rolling around in there when I flipped the boat over or tipped it on its side. I ended up having to replace a valve boot on the old military style valve, that's when I could see the stuff wasn't sand but that interior fix-a-flat stuff that had indeed released from the inside. It was in many different sized chunks, flakes and such that very closely resembled peanut brittle (hadn't drawn that comparison until now, thanks ZBaird). That boat had been used and abused though. We re-named her Patches O'Houlahan.... hope she's still out there floating somewhere.
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