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The Saturn Raft Project

Finally, here it is!!! What you've all been waiting for. The final, definative answer to the eternal question that has been haunting us all. Is a Saturn raft a worthy vessle, and is it worth the investment(from start to finish-headaches and all)? You've all speculated, postulated, bantered back and forth with pithy comebacks and smug retorts. Let this, the Saturn Raft Project put an end to it all, once and for all! The only thing that was needed for the experiment was a guinea pig- well, now you all have one. After several discussions over the past year with the owner of, I finally decided to purchase one. We had previously discussed some of the things that I would like to see change to"up the level" of quality and capability of their rafts for the more serious boater. Apparently he had been compiling feedback from alot of people, and they made made several improvements to this years model. I was finally convinced to give this boat a try. I am going to update this post, begining tommorrow when I unpack the raft(which just arrived today) with pictures and a description of the raft after inflation, and then after every trip on the river. Stay tuned, and find out what happens next- on the Saturn Raft Project!!!

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You are a tool.
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sounds like an infomercial...
didn't something like this happen before? new poster, praising SaturnRafts, turned out to be not so "third party"?
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My saturn is still going strong class II+, III all last season. Scraping over a few pourovers, all it has is surface scratches. If you want to see my boat I will be doing the raft rodeo at fibark. I still not good enough to hit class IV rapids yet but if I get a good guide I am willing to use the short bus
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Send a message via AIM to troutslayer
Everybody has their opinion on these saturn rafts. Even people that have never used them before have something bad to say about them. I personally have a 13' otter and a 14' Saturn that I use. I guide Fishing trips on the Eagle and have only had a small problem with the saturn not really even saturns fault. Yes it made it through the season last year with only one small tear to the bottom of the boat at 395CFS on the eagle super low. As a guide being on the water almost everyday this boat has held up great SO FAR!!! The Real test is going to be if it makes it through this year!! Which is why i always have my 7 year old NRS inflated and ready to fish at any time. Any boat you buy should make it through its first season but the real test is the YEARS to come after. Yes the boat has some things that i would like to see changed like moving the floor farther out from the tubes so it bails faster. The boat really doesn't track that bad even with heavy loads. Thats what everyone really wants to know is if it is a quality boat that will hold up 15+ years such as the Avons and nrs boats have. I guess we will just have to wait and see only time will tell. Joe over at RM Rafts is great to work with and will listen to most ideas and will fix any problem you have. Ive taken it down the Royal gorge at 2500 cfs, Westwater 10,000 cfs, numbers at 1,700. Maybe we should put it to the true Test and get out on the gore race this summer?
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I'll Give My Saturn an A-

I have had my 15' Saturn for almost a full year now, and have done Westwater twice (4500 and 5500), Royal Gorge six times (all the way down to 425), Numbers once at 500, Browns 3 or 4 times and a couple of other overnight Class II bloat and floats. Is the boat perfect? No. But it is a real good deal for the money. Like troutslayer said, the overall value of the boat will be measured after a couple of years of use. The only major problem I have had with mine is that I ripped the bottom 0.9 mm thick PVC floor at one of the bailing holes on Westwater this month. It ripped several inches, and we were never sure when it happened. But for $20 in materials we were able to fix it so it was good as new. Luckily whatever punctured it didn't even leave a mark on the air floor. The other two more minor problems we have had are: the tharwts have come out a couple of times in the middle of rapids (but this could be blamed on user setup), and one of the valves leaks a bit (but the cover on the valve stops it). The paddles, the pump and the carry bag that comes with it are the biggest pieces of sh!t you have ever seen.

This raft has taken a lot of abuse from rocks. It has been used by 3 newbs to raft guide the Gorge, and also is being used now for people to learn how to oar rig. I wish I had waited and gotten the current release Saturn, as it has 3 revisions that I wish mine had. The 1.5 mm PVC floor, the wrap all the way up to the bumper on the bow and stern and softer carry handles.

I second troutslayers recommendation on Joe from RM Rafts. Definitely a good guy, as I also bought a complete Aire Jaguarundi setup from him this year.
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Originally Posted by BullSCit View Post
... one of the valves leaks a bit (but the cover on the valve stops it)...
You have Halkey-Roberts valves on that boat. Those are a two-part valve that are designed to be completely sealed ONLY when you have the cover on. So, it's not unexpected for for one (or all) of these valves to leak without the cover.
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The Saturn Raft Project

Before I try to retype this message again(thanks Mtn. Buzz), I want to say that this thread is already suffering because for some reason by the time I'm done typing my update and attaching pictures, as soon as I click upload or post this site tell's me that I'm not logged in-again!!!!!
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First I'm gonna try the picture thing again before I start typing an update. If this works, these are pics of the boat inflated right out fo the box-close-ups and diff. angles.
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Nope didn't work. I'm already starting to not like this website!! It keeps telling me that some security token is missing??? I'll have to get back to this later- any know why this keeps happening??
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