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Split Buzz into Rafting forum and Creek/Freestyle/SUP forum?

It seems like this board has become mainly about rafting. Skiers and snowboarders don't go to the same forums. It would make sense to separate rafting and kayaking on here since "What cooler should I buy" has become the hottest topic on here since Range Life stopped posting. I like rafting, I like just about every rafter I've ever met and even feel a brotherhood to rafters but the forum synergy is just not there.

Maybe I'm missing the point and all the kayakers have migrated to fb anyway and forums are just obsolete. All the kayakers were reading about Hendri for 3 days before it was on the today show and a rafter posted about it on here. Rush's sick new video trailer has been out for a week and no one bothers to put it on here since everyone has already watched it on fb. Guess I just answered my own question, RIP to talking shit on the buzz.

And as any kayaker knows, buy whatever damn cooler is cheapest so you have more money for beer.

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pnw, Colorado
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Why not just post the video?
"Yesterday I was clever and tried to change the world. Today I am wise and try to change myself." -Rumi
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Originally Posted by craporadon View Post

And as any kayaker knows, buy whatever damn cooler is cheapest so you have more money for beer.
As long as it's cold.

And I conquer. Probably be best if we split up for a while, ya' know, have our own space.
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It's called the Boater's Forum because people in a variety of crafts enjoy going on the river together. Kayakers go on long overnight trips with rafters, rafters often also kayak, we all hang out at the same bars, and all enjoy the sensation of reading whitewater and floating on the current.

Should we also make a Canoe Forum, an IK Forum, how about a River Board Forum. Sorry Crap (I hope you don't mind me calling you Crap), but that's a stupid idea. We're all boaters on here and it's a small enough niche.
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Agreed, but put SUP with rafters
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North Bend, Washington
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Best reason- FB is blocked at work and MB isn't!
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Steamboat Springs, Colorado
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I always find it interesting when people complain about lack of content on a forum. Dating way back to RBP and the Sponsons threads people were complaining about why there is so much junk on the forum and not enough interesting threads. It's as if the forum is there so that other people can post stuff that will entertain you.

If you want to have interesting discussions on the Buzz in regards to kayaking then start posting some interesting threads. Last I checked, nobody was stopping you from making a new thread. I can understand a gripe with people posting cooler questions in the boating forum since all of that belongs in the Gear Talk space but if you are talking about river trips then it belongs on the Buzz.

It's the middle of winter right now and most of us are staring at lots of snow and at least a few months before the paddling gets back in motion. I guess most of the kayakers are either out there getting it done on the slopes or they have moved to warmer climates. The rafters are all getting permits filled out and thinking about upgrading their rigs for the coming season. Therefore there are a lot of posts about rafting and nothing about kayaking. Sorry.

BTW, we all know that the people that have the time to post are the ones that aren't out there doing it!

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Jenks, Oklahoma
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randaddy, in my opinion, has it right.

I raft, kayak and canoe. It's all boating to me. Just depends on what boat gets the trip done.

Leave the Buzz as it is.
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at my house, Montana
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Doesn't this get brought up every off-season?

For many reasons, it's nice to keep it together. There's enough bullshit in life splitting up factions, let alone having to make the Buzz another one where we can't mix. If we can't even share a stupid internet forum, how are we going to share the river? I like bumping into kayaking threads, often they contain a lot more info about rowdier boating and safety, which is interesting to me as I continue to progress into more difficult runs.

This forum, as every other, is what we make it. If there's nothing going on that you like, start something yourself. If you get tired of cooler or any other type threads, just ignore them. If you don't have any control over your mouse finger or what you look at on the internet, join a gym to tire yourself out and quit whining, or head over to Boatertalk.
Living in Montana, boating in Idaho
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no tengo
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I think the time has come to split. there is way too much talk about coolers, oar length, 6 bay frames, tube diameter, motors, trailers, straps, turkey legs, etc for kayakers to weed though (and I am primarily a rafter).
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