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Bozeman, Montana
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So what runs did you knock off in 12'

Share some of that love. What did everybody have the chance to get on? New runs anything absolutely necessary to get on?

Here's my list
New runs

Little White Salmon at 4 ft
Upper White Salmon farmlands
Wind River at med and High
White River (Celestial)
Kootenai Creek
Alberton Gorge
North Fork Blackfoot River... Def worth checking out..
Sweet Grass Creek
Stillwater river Woodbine and whitebird to firemans
West Rosebud Creek... Def worth visiting during the AW release
East Rosebud Creek.. def worth saving from future Damming
Upper South Fork of the South Boulder River... Includes old dam debris
Boulder River Hells Canyon and Bible Stretch..

Gallatin River lots of times
South Fork of the West Fork of the Gallatin River couple times
Hyalite Creek couple days
Big Timber Creek x 7
Quake Lake lots
North Fork Little Wind River
Clark's Fork Box
Fremont Canyon
Boxelder Creek
Deer Creek
Shoshone River
Mesa Falls couple times
Pots of Stillwater couple times

Overall lots of good quality runs. Hope everybody got there fair share as well hate to see the water wasted.

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Buena Vista, Colorado
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Nice list CM. With the lack of real water around here this year most of the "new" stretches I boated were floats, including:

lower Gunnison
lower "upper" C
San Juan
White Rock Canyon of the Rio Grande

also ran the lower Crystal, Piedra, and EF San Juan/Mesa Canyon San Juan for the first time this year. Hoping to come up that way next season and run the Shoshone River and some stuff around Jackson.

Definitely had more then my fair share of laps on Numbers this season...
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Bozeman, Montana
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If you head up north...

Logan you should check out Miners Delight if you like surfing its good wave sorta of a lateral it would probably be super to fun to rip on a sup to. located on North Platte below Kortez dam and above Pathfinder. Fremont Canyon is below Pathfinder Reservoir. 3 k is best loop hole I ever seen, 4k is standing wave I think we surfed it up to 4.5k. Below the wave is a nice section of class II And III with some really good wave trains at higher water when the delight is washed out
Sweetwater canyon on the Sweetwater River which drains from the south end of the winds and into the platte river at pathfinder Reservoir. It has a short stretch and one class four supposedly. Lots of Native History in that area which makes it sweet. The Arapho migrated through the area regularly.
Both of these runs would practically be on the way for you
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Knife Fork of the Spoon Paddling Since: 1984
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Not a crazy run but did run browns canyon at 350ish. Never been in there that low so cool to see the riverbed like that. Not looking to do it below 800 again anytime soon though.

great group pulled off a wedding on day 4 of cataract. Jetboated grandma etc down from moab for a day and night (wedding night) then the jetboat pulled them all back up and out and the 15 river folk kept going! Great wedding!!
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Cpt. No Scout
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In a Van, Down By the River
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Well, my list ain't so impressive, but I did knock off the EF-SF Salmon. I'm stoked about that. Still lots of water left for me to drop. Best monent of the year was the black bear that came into our camp at pistol creek on the MF Salmon. Note to self, bears like groovers!
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Great topic for a non controversial tread!
Mike, I spent 3 weeks in your neighborhood.

New this year: Piedra, Stillwater, Upper Half of the Dirty Thirty (Lochsa), Little Salmon, South Fork Clearwater and the Greys River.

Returned to a few old favorites: Galletin, Bear Trap Canyon, Payette, Alpine Canyon on the Snake and did 240 miles plus of the Middle Fork, Main Fork and down thru Riggins at High Water.

High on my list for next year: Marsh Creek, Dagger Falls, South Fork of the Salmon and EF of the SF.
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x, x
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for me This year included.

parts of o.b.j
upper east
pine creek run
big thompson, all sections, some low water
lower south boulder creek
upper narrows of the poudre
crystal mill falls
gore canyon

next season i'd like to run the animas, 3 gorges of lime creek, south mineral creek, upper taos box,(maybe this year still) n.f crystal, s.f crystal, headwaters of the eagle, headwaters of gore... so many... only 5 months 14 days.
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Mike, glad to see you moving on. I tried to start a new thread as well.
Fuzzy, well done on river wedding!

Having a baby, buying and moving to new house, and lack of CO snowpack led me to only one new stretch. Rio Chama.
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at my house, Montana
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Originally Posted by idahofloater View Post
Well, my list ain't so impressive, but I did knock off the EF-SF Salmon. I'm stoked about that.
Me too, have tried to get there for 3 years and finally was able to make it. Had a blast. Also did the upper-upper (though no one knew why it required two uppers, where is the regular upper?) which was my very very very first creek first descent (creeking for a cat). Can't wait to get a smaller cat!
Living in Montana, boating in Idaho
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Wheat Ridge, Colorado
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I used open oarlocks with oar rights and drained my cooler on the Upper C...
Nothing in the world is more yielding and gentle than water. Yet it has no equal for conquering the resistant and tough. The flexible can overcome the unbending; the soft can overcome the hard. - Lao Tse
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