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Portland, Oregon
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I will start this post out by saying Saturn rafts has amazing customer service and the original Saturn boat on the website is awesome. I've owned one (13 foot 2008 model)for 10 years with no issues(glue is still perfect) and just bought another one(14.6 2017 upgraded model). Now I'll get to the new line of Triton boats they offer. I had such good luck with my original that I wanted to get a bigger boat and saw they offered a new line that is heat welded. Thought it would be sweet but little did I know this boat is still getting the manufacturing kinks worked out. So it arrived and it was the 14.8 foot model. I unboxed it and inflated it. I immediately noticed glue issues with the extra layer of wrap on the outside lower tubes. There were spots with no glue under it that bubbled. I noticed a few spots on the rubber bumper that looked a bit under glued and pulled a bit and it peeled right back away from the raft with little effort. I also realized what's the point of having a heat welded raft if everything but the main tubes is glued half assed. I also noticed the thawrts don't attach properly with the pins. They are all loose and will maybe come unattached. Then I noticed the self bailing floor fit way to tight. So I took my hose and put it in the boat and I managed to fill it up with 5 inches of water before it bailed at all. I even took it down the Clackamas river in Oregon the next day to test it out and it didn't bail at all. Bath tub. Cody the company owner was great when I contacted him. He said the prototype they tested must have been slightly different than the ones they sent and the floors were tighter. He was prompt and refunded me and I decided to go with the original Saturn line and got a 14.6 grey boat. When I received that one and blew it up it was flawless. Glue job on every seam was perfect and tough. The new thicker floor was perfect. More d rings. Lefield valves now. I highly recommend getting one of them after owning one for the last 10 years. I don't however recommend buying a Triton series until a year or so until they fix the issues with the new manufacturer. I wasn't going to write this until I noticed on the Saturn website that they still continue to sell these defective rafts. I couldn't let other people be the guinea pigs for this new raft. Maybe I got a lemon but I know for sure all the 14.8 length ones don't bail water. Maybe the other lengths the floor size is appropriate to bail water. Lastly I know there is a lot of Saturn skepticism on this site, but the original model is great and I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a great budget boat. Good luck and be forewarned about the Triton. Sorry Cody you continued to sell a defective boat. Maybe the 13.8 and 15.8 are ok not sure.

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out west, Idaho
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Holy run on paragraph Batman.........
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Portland, Oregon
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This is why I hate posting things on this site. Rather than take my warning and review people choose to poke at my sentence structure. Take it for what it is. An honest testimonial.
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