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Slc, Utah
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***Please only comment if you currently own or previously owned a Saturn raft for at least 2+ years. I'm not looking for opinions because of how they are constructed, how it's made in China and how your uncle owned one that didn't last. I want actually owners feedback. Thank you.***

I've read many Saturn threads in here and know how they turn out. So I'm not trying to start a flame war or a debate between Saturn's vs the good ones. I just want real feedback from REAL Saturn owners. It's been 10+ years since they came out on the market. By now we should have a good idea how they are holding up. So how has your boats held up?

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Dipshit with the most.
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Bellevue, Idaho
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I don't have a Saturn, but your not the boss of me. Good luck.
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Westminster, Colorado
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It has held up very well. That being said, have not used it nearly as much as my 18'
AIRE cat. Satisfied with durability, construction and price.
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Come and open the gate
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denver, Colorado
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i bought one in 2009, 14'.

used approximately 10-12 trips a year.

i clean it well at the end of each season and 303 it pretty much every other year.

its still in great shape overall. the only thing that has failed after 9 years on the water is the rubber handles on each end peeled off this year. i may glue a new handle on but we never really used them that much anyway.
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Apache Junction, Arizona
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My 13' Saturn is 5 years old and I have not had any problems with it really. The floor is clipped in by plastic clips that have broken due to hitting rocks over time. Easy fix was to just use a couple of carabineers and it works as good as new. In the mornings I need to top off the tubes, I believe that is more to do with the pressure release valves releasing because of the temperature than anything wrong with the boat though.
I have it on the river probably about 12-15 days a year and I have not 303 the boat at all but I do keep it partially inflated in the garage at all times. I do believe the other boats probably last longer but for the price it's a great way to get on the river. I love the boat and glad I bought it because it has provided for lots of great trips.
For prospective I do a lot of trips on the Salt and Rio Grande and have done a lot of really low water trips. So there has been no lack of hitting rocks and getting stuck on rocks to deal with. So it has had to deal with a decent amount of abuse.
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Portland, Oregon
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I have a Saturn. Although I haven't had it for 2+ years, I know someone with the same (except for slight design changes over the years) one that has had it for probably 4-5 and is on the river frequently.

Mine is just like I got it, but it hasn't been in the water all that much. My friends has been abused and used on class iv and higher rivers, drug over and wrapped around rocks. It is still in good shape.

Saturn has a bad rap for whatever reason and people will turn up their noses. If you can ignore that, I think the quality is pretty good these days for the price.

It probably won't last as long as some of the others. My theory is.. I probably will want to switch out to another size or style before all that long. If it is totally trashed in 4 years and I can't sell it.. I've still got my money's worth.
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lafayette or Grand Lake, CO., Colorado
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Its worth buying just so people can look down their noses at you when your floating by with 1/2 their investment $'s underneath you. I have owned a fifteen footer for 8 years, still holds air! Also row a Sotar cat 16'(10 year old), RMR 12'(one year old) and a dory (30 years old). I take the one that fills the need best for the trip I'm going on. Between myself and my family we started out with one boat and now jointly own 7 boats (which includes two Saturns). If you buy a Saturn it will most likely not be the last boat you buy if you love rafting.
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Salem, Oregon
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I have only had one for one season so far. Its been on 3 trips and a total of about 15 river days so far. I'm pleased with it for a secondary boat option on Class III rivers (which is all I intend to use this boat for).

I have an Aire SDP that is my main ride, and Aire 156E for bigger trips. Overall the 13' Saturn handles not as well as the SDP, but is acceptable. Definitely a decent way to get on the river for cheap.

A couple negatives on the Saturn. The lesser tube size makes it much less comfortable as a paddle boat for myself (and any taller people). Non-movable thwarts means that it is more awkward to set up for a paddle boat. I would not want to paddle a lot of Class IV in the Saturn, but for an easy river boat that will get you down, it is a good option.
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Fraser, Colorado
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I bought a Saturn in March of 2009. I ran it for the summers of 09, 10, 11, 12, and 13. Many many river miles. Probably 2000 ish miles. West Water, MFS, Deso, several Lodores, Yampa. Many Upper C runs. Many ABC runs on the Flaming Gorge. A few others along the way. In March of 2013, I was invited on a May 2014 Grand. I decided I wanted a bigger boat for that trip and bought a NRS Cheyenne, 15'2", for the trip. After the trip, I decided that owning both boats was too much for me and my space. I sold the Saturn to a couple/friends who have now been running the boat for the summers of 14, 15, 16, and 17. The Boat is good to go. I'm guessing that that boat has 3000 miles under it's belt. I bet the river miles to cost ratio is as good as any other privately owned raft out there. And getting better every year!
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Slc, Utah
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Awesome feedback guys.. any major problems with the boat specifically seam leakage?
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