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Salt Lake City, Utah
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BLUE Invite all of your friends

YELLOW The night before, of course.

GREEN Study and consider every possible line—everyone else be dammed. YELLOW No worries, you have a spare for the spare.


BLUE Look for the best kitchen and communal areas.

BLUE Sit around a crackling fire and spend time with all these amazing people.

YELLOW All of it!

GREEN Selway—one launch a day!

YELLOW The Gear Boat.

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My name isn't Will
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Willamette Valley, Oregon
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Unable to complete the quiz; my boat (raft) is white.

Otherwise, I'm somewhere in the teal zone (blue and white) with a couple yellows thrown in.

My WW kayaks are:
Dark Blue/gold swirl (Current RPM)

Teal/white swirl (first RPM)
Red (RPM I should sell, but it's available for friends)

Dark blue (Tornado)
Orange (sold this Riot boat YEARS ago)
Yellow (original year Jackson Fun sold years ago because it never fit me)

Sea kayaks:
Red deck/white hull

WW canoes:
Green (MR Rampage)
Dog-dick-pink (Dagger Encore)

Recreational canoe:
Dark green (Old Town 16' Discovery layup)

Don't ask about bikes and skis.

Uh.... this lest suggests I am more yellow than I realize
My name isn't actually Will.
I live in the Willamette Valley about a half mile from the Willamette River.
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Fort Fun, Colorado
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1. Blue - Always a problem when you have more friends than spots...
2. Yellow - Why wait to start the trip. One more night out!
3. Green - Look at the possible lines and see what works for me
4. Yellow - No worries
5. Blue -
6. Blue - I would add best sleeping areas too.
7. Blue - Chill
8. Yellow - All of it!
9. Yellow - Although I did just do a painless private and it was super easy!
10. Red - of course!
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Kalispell, Montana
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#1 - Blue, but damn, I like lists, friends, AND math!
#2 - Yellow. I'm not going to make the group late, but I'm not going to chomp at the bit, either. I'll get there the night before and throw away my watch.
#3 Green: I'll pick my own line!
#4 Blue: I'm too generous.
#5 Yellow: It's what they had in stock
#6 Green: I love my boat?
#7 Blue: Love camp time with friends!
#8 Green: I'm a floating DIY study
#9 Yellow: GC in my dory is the top of my bucket list.
#10 Green: in my handmade dory, duh!

What is this strange blue-yellow-green pattern? I'm not a floating shitshow, but I'm everything else!
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Albuquerque, New Mexico
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Wow, you guys are pretty diverse. I am as yellow as a Main Salmon Yellow jacket with barely some blue tinges. Will the mostly Red Guys pony up here?
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Missoula, Montana
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2-Yellow- night before! Engage vacation early.
3-Blue- that way if we flip itís not my fault right?
4-Yellow- literally carry a spare for the spare lol
5-Blue boat here
6-Yellow- not finding a campsite gives me anxiety
7-Blue- warm fires, cold beers, good convo does it get any better?
8-Yellow- gear nerd here for sure.
9-Green- Never floated the Selway, sounds fun though!
10-Yellow- gear boat for sure! Keeps me close to the beer and snacks!

Seems Iím a yellowish blue, which sounds about right.
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Poundtown, Wokastan
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Green! Bright green...
I saw someone do it on youtube.
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Granby, Colorado
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Belgrade, Montana
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yellow -then relax next to the coolers
red- I'm happiest on rivers that really don't need scouting - not in if for adrenaline
yellow - always have a spare PFD (too many tickets for not having enough)
blue then carry up the cooler
red -with cooler nearby
red - duhhh though I do love discussing my gear improvements while emptying my favorite piece of gear
red (though, sub 2 feet)
red - absolutely
"If you dont do it this year, you will be one year older when you do"
-Warren Miller
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