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Please use the right forum for your posts

Folks- there seems to be a rash of posts in the Boater's Forum that really belong in designated Forums for sub-topics. I know the Boater's Forum is pretty easy to choose as a catch all, but it just gets too cluttered when everyone dumps whatever they want into it. Let's review:

Your post probably does not belong in the Boater's Forum if:
  • You are selling a used raft or kayak (Gear Swap)
  • You're posting a review about gear (Gear Talk)
  • You're asking if people want to join you on the river this weekend (Trip Planner)
  • You're looking for who swiped your boat from the pool (Lost and Found)
  • You are offering spaces in a paid class (Commercial Posts)
These are some examples of posts in the Boater's Forum in the last week that really belonged elsewhere. Not trying to be a dictator about this, but people have been reporting posts as misplaced and it just causes extra work for your volunteer admins. The Boater's Forum is intended to be about everything related to boating (asking advice, trip reports, action alerts, non-commercial announcements, etc), but the other forums help keep things somewhat more organized that the average boater's garage.

It might help to review the descriptions of each forum:

River Access & Safety Alerts! Access issues and new river hazards
Boater's Forum The main kayaking & rafting forum
Betty Buzz For the women in our whitewater community

Trip Planner Organize your boating plans

Gear Talk Gear reviews and product discussions (no For Sale/Wanted items)
Lost & Found Stolen and lost & found gear

The Eddy Off-topic posts (sports, politics, jokes, etc)
Commercial Posts Retail, instruction, & jobs (no For Sale/Wanted items)

Winter Buzz Back Country, Dowhill, Telemark, and Snowboarding Discussions


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Buena Vista, Colorado
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tactfully said El Flaco...
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Durango, Colorado
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Well said El Flaco. Let's not crowd out all of the really awesome and super important posts the boater's forum normally contains with all of this useless drivel that rightfully belongs somewhere else. Good thing you made this a sticky, ironically proving your point. What would we do without people taking this site WAY too seriously?
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we should have a sticky of rules at the top of the page,
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I am here to post in this very important thread.

Thank you all for posting.
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Denver, Colorado
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Holy crap.
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maybe this post belongs in the eddy, it is kinda related, however vague.
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just saw some hydroskin pants in "rafts and accessories". Oh God!!
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Boy Howdy!
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But what about if I fall out of my kayak wile holding a turkey leg and Schlitz while expounding my political beliefs and wondering how to rig to flip and what oar length to have on my biyak and wondering why my kayak smells like poo and what the hell is an airjack fribulater that i was told to bring along on the trip with an expendable fire pan?
Who's your monkey?
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If you just move topics to the right place people will just assume that is your job to do. Better just start deleting them.
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