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Mid-season raft storage

For those of you who trailer your rafts and get out a lot throughout the season, how do you store your raft/trailer? Keep the raft inflated but soft, rigged, and strapped to the trailer? Throw a tarp over it? Park the trailer under a carport? Leave it out in the sun?

I'd like to leave the raft trailered, but do not currently have any covered parking, so let's hear your fantastic storage ideas!

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I clean my 16footer real good, then baby powder it and put it in a bag in my garage. The trailer turns back into an all purpose utility trailer stored outside under tarp.
At start of season, pull the boat out, hose it off free of baby powder, 303 prot. the crap out of it.
At water and stir into the season.
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Thanks SummitSurfer, but that sounds like a good over-winter storage technique to me, but a lot of work to do every Sunday night throughout the season. What do you do between trips during the summer?
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Not sure this helps, because I have a garage. When I know I'll be going a lot, I leave it rigged and ready to go on the trailer in the garage. The wife's minivan parks outside in the sun. LOL I let a little air out of it (as much for travelling over passes as anything else) but otherwise I leave it river ready. When I won't be going for a while, I then put everything away and fold the trailer up so the wife can get her minivan back in the garage.

If I didn't have a garage, I'd probably be inclined to rig it every time and store it out of the sun. I want to baby it so it will last a long, long time. My second choice would be to cover it with a car cover or something like that. A car cover works pretty well to cover a boat, and you can get one at Walmart pretty cheap.
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Whatever you do don't leave it exposed to the sun. At least cover it with something.
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I use the Walmart car cover, like Purdue U stated. I think it cost about $70. after 2 years mine is fairly ripped (it is on my Cat, so all 4 points poked thru)....i live on top of a ridge with consistent 20+ mph winds. I throw a 20' cam strap over it to keep it from billowing, since it has a bunch of extra material, designed to cover a car. The cover would last forever in a valley floor, or in suburbia.

I think i will upgrade to the $400 thick covers sold by designated raft stores.
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In the off-season I put mine storage. You can rent a single car storage unit for ~60 bucks a month. It's the best option I have since my garage / yard isn't big enough to store the utility trailer and 2 cars.

during the season, it sits fully rigged in the garage. I park outside. Kudos to Purdue Pete for getting his wife to park outside.
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I have outdoor storage where I park my camper and raft trailer. I leave it all rigged up and ready to go and don't do anything special between trips. When its not in the garage and at the storage place, like if I know I'm not going to go for a couple weeks, I keep it covered with a cover. I got the one from Saturn instead of the $400 one just to try it out. For $100 figured it was worth a shot. Heavy good cover that I think will last except the bungee that goes around the perimeter died fast. I just got several tarp clips and bungees to hold it down. Other than that it seems like a pretty soild cover.

I got the 15' to go on my 14' boat to go over fishing seats which works, only issue is there isn't enough width to go over the oarlocks so I have to fold them down. Like the others said, no real issues with keeping it outside other than sun protection.
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I have had my Maravia for 5 years and it stays on the trailer parked in the yard rigged up and ready to go from March through October. I have never covered it but 303 it about 2 or 3 times over the course of the summer. I have seen no indications of sun damage so far, although reading all these other posts is making me a little nervous...
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mine goes in the barn on the trailer fully rigged with a poly tarp on it, when I need it I take the tarp off and go. Off season I let a little more air out of it.
no problem with mice so far.
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