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Late june cataract cyn

Headed down for June 25 launch from OR. nobody from our group has run this bit. Any guesses as to what level we'll be looking at? I hear rumors of late snow in the Rockies that might bump up the gage... Sweet side hikes or camps? Figure it'll be hot. Looking for beta

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It will be stinking hot, high water will have come and gone, and if you get up a the first hint of light you maybe able to do a couple of hrs of hiking before it gets too hot. Do not count on the river to offer any real relief from the heat. Cat permits are easy to get I would suggest blowing off a summer trip and grab one in the spring or fall.
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Sure, it'll be hot, but Cat never disappoints

Everyone hikes The DollHouse, and its worth it

Maybe scout Island rapid if you've never seen it (rapid 20?), and take a look at Big Drop 2 and 3

Word is, there's current all the way to the ramp. Have Fun
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Cataract notes 2009

Cataract is a favorite that we try to run every June for a high water trip and again in late fall, despite the new $50 per person park fee.
We've seen flow from 4K to 50k.
We have five boats launching on 05/23 and will camp at the take out 5/26.
Expecting to start on about 18K cfs but it could come back up some with the next warm snap.

Capsize is another rapid to look at the first time through.
The loop hike is fun, and watch for petroglyphs next to the trail on the south side.
Good luck! You should have some great new memories and stories.

I did a write up awhile back and most is still accurrate. I'll send a PM with the word file attached.
I believe the river miles are based on the Belknap guide, but we have another as well.

Cataract Canyon Notes 2009
Colorado River:
47.2 rr Potash Put-in: Concrete ramp, out house, no water.
37.3 rr Petrified logs hike: Downstream of hanging rope on rim and wooden ladder in drainage.
Easy landing is at top of tamarisk. Trail leads down-river past recent pit-shelter.
Petrified log sticks through crack and out of cliff, kind of at the back of a drainage.
Other long logs are fully exposed on slopes at 37, but landing is over-grown
23.5 rl Ruins walk: Easy trail to hill, then steep slope. Go left to ruins, and great views. Go right to nice handprints above narrow trail to window.
23.5 rr Good landing with outhouse and picnic tables in shade. 4wd access point.
16.5 rl Indian Creek camp: Small ruin nearby. Looks like interesting hike in abandoned meander up creek. Watch for snakes.
11 rl Loop climb: Short steep hike over loop saddle lightens boats for the 4-mile circle. Well-used trail usually has nice sandbar to soak and wait for boats on other side.
6 rl Great Patio-camp with large eddy for 4 boats and big log to tie-off to. Chum the catfish in by throwing buckets of water and net for dinner. Pending flow there is small ledge at river level along face of patio. Rocks are full of fossils. Several tent sites on bench above, but patio is best.
5.5 rl Trail up red slope goes to nothing. Easily accessed from patio camp, but just crypto-bio covered dune.
3.5 rl Salt Creek: possible lunch/hike spot.
214.4 rl New sign-in location.
214 rr “Carpenter Rock” in river. Landslide snuffed camp, but missed campers.
213.5 rr Upper Spanish Bottom: Good camp watch for scorpions. Long walk to base of Doll House trail.
213 rr Lower Spanish Bottom: Big camp under cottonwood tree with shade, but steep landing.
212 rr “Lower Brown Betty” Great camp on big sand beach, may be noisy, but fun to play in rapid.
209.5 Rapid 7 has big waves that can swamp, surf, flip... Take your chances for a great ride.
208.5 rl X-Y canyons. Several camp/hike options.
206.7 rl Shallow landing to flat camp at low water but full-sun.
205.2 rr Small camp has mostly washed away.
205 rr Scout Capsize (rapid 15) from eddy above rocky debris-fan. Long trail crosses drainage and along hillside. Inscription is on big “scout-rock” facing river. Safe route to right with big holes on route left of rock.
203 Rapid 20: Left of island can be shallow and rocky. Right of island is center-run between two holes.
202.5 rl Pull left out of rapid 21 (Big Drop 1) wave train to scout Big drop 2.
Nice eddy with good landing. Look downstream….go back upstream….
Normal run is start left of center marker rock with momentum right to avoid standing waves on left. But, you’ve come this far and might as well go right of marker, as long as you don’t center over Little Niagra. Hold on for the tail waves at the eddy-line then pull hard right to bottom of eddy and scout Big drop 3.
202.1 rr Scout Rapid 23 Big Drop 3:
Frog’s Hole is far right, center is shallow with rooster-rock, far left is where the Devil lives.
Ride eddy back to top, just to admire the tail waves of 2. Try to lineup center-current, river right for entry to Big Drop 3. Ride eddy back to top and try again…
Stay on left side of tongue to avoid Frog’s Hole on right, then push over the biggest tail-waves yet.
More rapids are just down-river, but if you’ve stayed upright this far you will likely return again.
201 rl Ten Cent camp is best yet with great swim beach for those that haven’t yet. Ferry back across rapid to ride upstream rapid in far right eddy.
200 rl End of white-water and beginning of high-water lake sediment. Imperial camp is last decent camp.
186.1 rr Cove canyon may have a camp if it gets more use in the future.
182.7 rl Dark Canyon: A good flush would restore camping in this area, if you can get atop sediment or follow drainage. Usually see Bighorn sheep here, but we have seen houseboats ½ mile from river. Great 30-45 minute hike up drainage to first big pool, which is the best. Look for trail on left to get around wading through narrow shale trench. Other pools are above.
Prepare for afternoon wind and whitecaps with little or no current for next 14 miles, pending lake level.
169 rr Low water take-out down from Dirty Devil.
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[QUOTE Cat permits are easy to get I would suggest blowing off a summer trip and grab one in the spring or fall.[/QUOTE]

i have to agree with YAK1.

we would love to have you come visit us in the southwest, but that is not our 'finest hour' so to speak. it will be brutally hot that time of year for you guys.

none of my business but is there a reason that you need to come that time of year? you really can get a permit for cat pretty much any day of the week that you want. those guys are really good, especially for nps.

our favorite time of year is mid september to mid october. still usually warmish during the day and cool in the evenings. you will like the hiking weather by far and great for sleeping at night. generally not so windy, also.

either way cat is a great trip, whether you launch from the green or colorado ( i like the colorado) and you will have stories to tell. enjoy.
yes, and watch out for Capsize, got one of my buddies the last time we were there.

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Considering the OP's stated location is on the rainy Oregon coast, a few days of a nice, hot, furnacy experience may be just what the doctor ordered.

We just got off an April Grand trip where we saw over 100 deg a couple days. It is easy to "suffer" through such "hell" when you know it will be over soon. I also missed a pretty persistent and windy winter at home while I was gone (which has continued since our return btw), making it all the better.

Great info on Rojo's trip report. Cat is truly a great wilderness experience (aside from the jet boats on the Moab side- consider putting in at Mineral Bottom, you can use the airplane shuttle).
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Lots of good hikes on either side. Dolls House. Water Canyon up into the Maze, Anderson Bottom, Red Canyon. . . .Stay hydrated, rest in the shade.
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The Russian
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Originally Posted by Rojo View Post
despite the new $50 per person park fee.
Where do you see this $50 per person?

According to the official site it's $30 registration fee + $20 per person for the group up to 40 people.

River Permits - Canyonlands National Park
-ALEX [ youtube ][ my boat ][ ]
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I launch on June 10th for my virgin trip down Cat. Pretty excited.
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Thanks for the correction KAZAK!
The permit clearly states $20 fee per person.
My misunderstanding from our normal group lead.
Sorry to see this new fee, but still would have paid it even at $50.

86304 Quote "is there a reason that you need to come that time of year?"
OP may be trying to catch a higher flow trip, with the peak usually around end of may to mid June.
Pictures below are of Big Drop 2 and 3 around June/4/2010 with high water.
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