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Keepign electronics charged in the GC

Staring a trip down the Grand Canyon in the face, and wondering what the best method to keep batteries charged over a 3-week period? Thinking go-pro batteries mainly. Solar? Something else? Thanks!

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2 x 18aH power packs should do it.
Solar requires waterproofing the system.

But seriously, try a bit harder :
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Goal zero is the way to go!
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I use this with my gopro, no problems for me. I charge my go pro at night, and let the battery charge via solar during the day. works great.
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I can recommend this folding solar panel. I used it on the San Juan last year and a lot since then. It works fast in full sun. I kept it in a dry box during the day. It would charge a phone in about 30 minutes so it mostly stayed packed up.
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Any smaller electronic stuff charging with a USB... a Jackery Titan battery pack. $30 bucks each on Amazon and will charge a GoPro about 10 times. Charges my iPad Mini four times.

Get a couple and you are set. Awesome for every day life too. Camping, airports, long flights,etc. Compact and light.

They charge devices about the same speed as a wall outlet.

The Jackery battery itself takes a good 12-18 hours to charge from a wall outlet though. Keep it in mind in your planning.

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The best way to keep a charge on your device would be to plug it into the power supply of your shuttle rig and leave it there while your on the river.
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You can get all sorts of power banks on amazon or anywhere else for very cheap that you can use to recharge your GoPro batteries.

You can recarge a GoPro battery 10 or so times with a 20000 mAh battery that you can get on amazon for $20-$30.

Consumer solar panels are expensive and not very efficient. Just get a power bank and charge it at home.
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You didn't mention what you plan on keeping charged or what time of year you will be in the canyon. Both of those factors make a big difference. If you have devices that absolutely must be charged or your trip is non summer then your best bet is to figure your capacity need and bring enough juice to last you and not worry about solar. If they are a few convience items like cell phone (for taking pictures and tunes) and headlamps & GoPro's AND you will have plenty of sun then solar may work well. When I did the grand on a summer trip I ended up deciding to bring enough battery power with me to power all of my devices for the trip. An SLR, video camera, smart phone, headlamp, and GoPro. My math showed it was more economical and I didn't have to mess with the daily fuss of keeping panels aimed at the sun, deploying at certain times, monitoring batteries, etc. Bringing enough power allowed me to just charge my cameras in the evening and have tunes and not sweat it. I figured it would suck to be on an epic trip and not be able to take pictures or video because of a few cloudy days or a couple of shady camps. YMMV.
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After looking at all the options, I am planning on bringing a pair of 20000-21000 Mah powerbanks to charge camera batteries, Solar sounds good on paper, but after reading all the threads it sounds like way too much work, especially if the powerbanks will do the job. One important thing to note, 21000 Mah is the max that can fly without grief. According to the gov you can fly more with the airline's permission, but airlines seem to be devolving with the way that they have been treating folks as of late.
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