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Durango, Colorado
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Jeep in Dolores River

There is currently a jeep stuck in the river just downstream of tree frog canyon in the Dolores river. Heres a link to a video of what happened.

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Durango, Colorado
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And here is a written description of the entire event which I sent to San miguel sheriff's office:

On Saturday June 29th at about 5pm a group of Jeepers arrived on the opposite bank of the river from Tree Frog Canyon. The jeep first crossed the river while attached to a winch of another Jeep still on the bank. This created a dangerous situation as the winch line was still in the water when another group came down the river on inflatable kayaks. The kayak group was able to pull out above the winch line and wait for the jeepers to disconnect it. At this point we spoke with the driver of the jeep a bit and he told us he is the Grandfather of one the kids who was rescued while tubing the Dolores river a couple weeks ago.

Now the jeep driver tried to drive back across the river without being attached to the winch. He made it about half way across and started to loose traction and was swept downstream. The driver was able to climb out of the window and sat on top until it finally came to a rest about 100 yards downstream. At this point the jeep drivers friend took the other jeep and started driving around off trail anywhere he wanted. The group also had 2 four-wheelers which they started driving through the brush and off trail, destroying whatever vegetation was in their way.

Once the jeep came to a rest, the kayakers who had stopped decided to go downstream to assist as they could. After some deliberation they decided the jeep was not going to be retrieved and the kayakers helped to get the jeep driver safely to shore. The jeep remained in the river overnight, and was still there when we packed up and went downstream on Sunday morning
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Thatís pretty special, on my phone so maybe I missed it but did not even see a snorkel on that Jeep. Wow, just wow.
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Reminds me of the Oregon Trail computer game...

Weather: overcast
River width: 238 feet
River depth: 5.1 feet

You may:
1. Attempt to ford the river
2. Caulk the jeep and float it across
3. Take a ferry
4. Pay an Indian to guide you
5. Wait to see if conditions improve

But in the end you will die of dysentery
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Is it necessary that Darwin awards be posthumous?
Nothing in the world is more yielding and gentle than water. Yet it has no equal for conquering the resistant and tough. The flexible can overcome the unbending; the soft can overcome the hard. - Lao Tse
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A few years back we were putting in at poison springs on the Dirty Devil and found a local rancher trying to dry out his clothes on the bank. His older Ford ranger was in the middle of the river slowly moving down stream. By tying a Tundra and T-100 together and using every strap and rope we could spare we got it out. We would get it a few feet then the rope would break and we would tie it back together. afterwords I cooked up a pot of gumbo and drank his cheep whisky. If it would have floated down I don't know you could gotten out. He liked rafters a lot more after that.
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Thank you for posting. This is priceless, and proves that Mountain Buzz is most certainly not dead
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thornton, Colorado
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Kayakers will never learn, to carry their own beer.
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We ran into a similar situation on the Salt at Gleason Flat back in 1995. A drunken Zonie got stuck on rock trying to cross it at a flow level around 900cfs. We spent a couple hours helping him and his buddies try to tow it out, but they were too stupid to figure it out. Finally gave them a ride to shore in my 10' raft (the infamous Yellow Submarine!). They weren't happy about having to leave their jeep, but we needed the remaining daylight to set up camp.
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Funny to read the different perspectives on here and then on my offroad forum.
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