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Invasive Feces!! - Groover Beetles

So last summer I did a trip down the lower salmon river. We were having an awesome trip and we ended up camping at Blue canyon left. Well that night I went to use the groover and to my utter horror found about 2,000 "Groover Beetles" in the groover rooting around and basically going to town. What made it even crazier was the fact that whenever you opened the lid to do your thing, they would try to escape by flying out. So you would try to sit down and 20 beetles covered in crap would try to fly up into your butt. Needless to say using the groover was intimidating, even for a seasoned river rat. We made it down to the snake and camped for our final night and even more of the beatles flocked to the groover. If you wanted to crap you had to piss on the Beetles to put em down kind of and then get a quick one in. In Asotin there were numerous other parties emptying their scat buckets and joking around about the beetles and how many there were. Not sure if this is an annual thing. I have done the lower salmon probably 7 times, mostly in late august, but this trip was at the end of july.

Does anybody have more info on these crazy creatures? I have seen them on other rivers but there is normally just like one or two in the bucket, not 2,000.

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You just brought back a horrible memory for me! Last year on Rio Chama my groover was infested! I'd never seen it happen before or since. I didn't know how to combat them other than to down a few strong Blooody Marys and try to forget. I do remember thinking it might be better to leave the lid open since they seemed to like the dark and flew out when it was lifted. Closing the lid obviously wasn't keeping them out.
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Blue stuff might keep them at bay.

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I like to use the ecosafe boom box. lightly screw the lid on between customers. so far has kept pests out.

But I think it this situation I'd be breaking out my emergency wag bag and doing my business elsewhere.
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same issue

We did the lower last year on the 13-20 of July. Had same issue really bad at Skeleton Crk. We have done the lower probably 8 times over the last 20 years. First time I have seen that bettle. I think it was just the year for that guy.
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Never saw them before in 15 years on the river.

First time last Summer MF early August. They were first noticed that they had infiltrated at Broken Oar. Multiplied by Fly and terrible at Solitude

This year is definately a rescrew the lid and select a site away from the creepy crawlies. I think at least that could keep them from multiplying. Maybe that and a raid bomb.

Maybe even on a boat!!! Some of those things were turd sized by the time we reached the cleaning station. Disgusting!!!
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Oh shit! Thanks for the heads up. I'm doing the LS in June.
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Pictures or it didn't happen.
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The groover hat is the solution. It kinda sucks to have to screw the top on after every customer. I have sewn a few up over the years. It is a drop bag material cylinder with a top that drops over the groover and goes to the ground. A buddy of mine first thought of it when he saw a fly come out of the groover and head for the kitchen. If the beetles crawl in, it may not stop them all but if they are flying in there it'll work fine. I'll get a picture of it.

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Most looked like they crawled. I saw a bunch crawling in. Maybe a loose fitting coffee can lid weighted down a bit
Hey, if you want me to take a dump in a box and mark it "guaranteed", I will. I got spare time.
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