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Cleveland, Tennessee
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How much beer for the Grand?

Going on my first GC trip this summer. The people I'm going with have to hurry so we are doing it in 9 days. Some of the guys (who drink, the conversation was at a bar) are talking about taking one case for the entire trip! I was thinking a 12 pack a day and maybe more. What do you guys think is a good amount to carry? Space shouldn't be an issue. 4 18' rafts and 1 13' with 7 rafters and 9 kayakers.

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Glenwood Springs, Colorado
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You can only drink it if you got it!!
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Depends on the type of trip and individual. Being a connoisseur of beer and knowing I was going on a trip that was more camp/party orientated I used 10-12 as my guide. Some break, some get skunked, some turn into river booty. Its the Grand, if you have space bring it.
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On my Aug. Grand trip in '13 I didn't drink as much beer as I thought I would and I like to drink beer. I rowed my own cat and as an oarsman you just don't have time to drink. The Grand is a busy river, even in the flat water you are on the oars all day long. With only 9 days on the river that means 23 to 25 miles every day and some of those will be long ass miles. We did a standard 16 day trip and I had 5 thirty packs and brought home 3. What I found the best was the bagged wine I had. A few glasses of vino in the evening and all was right with the world. FWIW.
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cedar city, Utah
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We like our beer but as oarsman on the Grand its not as common to be able to slam a bunch back with the schedule you will have. We brought 2 cases and 12 of micro cans each on the last May trip we did that was at maximum length (16 or 18 day can't remember now) and had plenty to enjoy camp and one at lunch. We also had boxed wine and some liquor. I think we all walked off with extra of everything.

Be careful coming from the east coast. The desert SW heat and dryness doesn't mess around when it comes to dehydration and heat exhaustion, especially during the summer. The Grand has plenty of chance to lay back and relax with some cold ones but its also had several high profile deaths with alcohol as the principle culprit in the last decade.

Play safe and have a great trip.

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Grand Junction, Colorado
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Consider getting some 3.2 beer if you plan on drinking 12 a day. If you can row and drink at the same time (using your teeth) you could knock out 12 a day.

Otherwise you are gonna be rowing too much to drink that much on a 9 day trip. I think most of my crew averaged 6-8 a day on an 18 day trip.
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The Old Troll
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Eliminate regular food. Bring some Ensure or Instant breakfast. With no kitchen and no food in the coolers you can drink all day every day.
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Originally Posted by David Miller View Post
Eliminate regular food. Bring some Ensure or Instant breakfast. With no kitchen and no food in the coolers you can drink all day every day.
I'd add that if you get some Depends you should be able to maximize your drinking time even more.

Then again, you may want to take some memories home that aren't merely on your digital camera... Maybe consider going for quality instead of quantity?

Mind Phillip's caution against dehydration - you'll be chilling on the river and then hike 50 feet up from the bank and feel like you're in a blast furnace. Bringing lots of lemons and limes along helps to flavor those gallon jugs of water you should be pounding in the heat until late afternoon (and will also prevent scurvy).

Have a great trip!

Nothing in the world is more yielding and gentle than water. Yet it has no equal for conquering the resistant and tough. The flexible can overcome the unbending; the soft can overcome the hard. - Lao Tse
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one beer per mile - no joke
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On an August trip almost 2 years ago I brought electrolytes powders to mix with water and started every single morning by slamming a quart or so after coffee and breakfast, kept repeating a couple of times during the day. It kept me hydrated and ready for an Oscar Blues type beer or two, followed by a couple mixed drinks or wine in the evening.

Started out with 2.5 cases, gave away almost a case during the trip and came out with a dozen or so beers. I love good beer, but the heat took away much of the craving...

As was mentioned, do not underestimate the heat.

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