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salmon, Idaho
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Hot wash on rafts

We stopped at the invasive species check station coming back into Idaho from the salt. They offered a hot wash of the boats. The temps are somewhere around 150 degree water. Any idea if this could potentially do any damage to a boat. I imagine dark color boats in the sun can get close to or hotter than that. I know my dark blue aire landing pad will burn you.

Our boats where stacked and my boat will dry for well over a month so I declined at the time. Plus they could not have done a good wash without unstacking them. It might have made more since for a solo inflated raft. I also do a thorough cleaning in the yard when i get home.. The salt put in was not great for a scrub down but got a decent rinse. most of the ramp was about 2 1/2 feet of mud from the high water and they dug out one lane.

I could email aire but thought I would inquire here first and then if no one knows share the knowledge.

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I've often wondered the same after going through the checkpoints, I've always declined.

I just bought a 156R this year and in the owner's manual under boat cleaning is your answer.

"Water that is hotter than 140˚ F can cause damage to the PVC and
urethane used to build your AIRE boat."
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Sooner or later these check points will become mandatory.

Being a lake boater also, I get deconed on a regular basis. The water is usually around 165 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. They make you run the motor and fill your bilge with hot water for a specific amount of time.

So what will they have to do to a Blatter type boat to kill the little buggers??? Remember they start off microscopic and get Into everything.

The best way we can kill them for the rest of us rubber owners is to completely dry our boats at the take out. Dry everything out as soon as you get home, especially ropes and straps. A dried out bug is a dead bug.

As rafters we need to do are part right from the start.
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We have mando watercraft checks all over Montana, I've never gotten more than a quick glance at my rafts, and was told that we're really not their target group since rafts tend to dry way quicker on and don't have bilges or motors that hold water. Hypalon is rated for temps -40F to 350F, so I'd wager on a hypalon/pennel orca boat, a hotwash would be fine. If Aire says no over 140, I'd avoid it in case something happens and they decide you voided your warranty.
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While the Hypalon material might hold up. I would worry about the glue at the seams, patches, etc. It really doesn't take much heat for many glues to break down... I would almost think that the welded PVC boats might do better at higher temperatures for that reason.
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I think it would definitely compromise the seams on a Hypalon boat. A heat gun is in that same temp range, and it will peel glued seams right apart. I would not let them do it under any circumstances.
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So from what I am reading on this thread, you guys are saying that the boat wash is optional. Last summer I stopped at the check station on HWY20, north of Island Park Idaho. I was told that they "must" wash our boats, which were packed deep in a trailer.
The only reason they did not do so was their power washer was broken.
Does anyone know the exact language in the regulation?
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