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Grand questions

Hey, all!

Headed down the Grand on May 3rd and being my first time I have some questions.

I haven't been able to pull up much on this besides the wind. Will it be hot as Hades, cold at night, lots of rain or all of the above?

2-favourite guide book?

I know to pack extraSunglasses, hats, back up whiskey and the likes. I'm wondering about thinks like oar towers, locks, ect. Just a thought but unsure given my tendency to over pack.

Yep, I like'em. Gonna bring a bunch of'em. I usually just pack'em in my Everthing Bag. I want to get a few cases up in the front to shift weight forward. What's the best way to stow them so they don't go swimming if/when I flip?

5-What else:
I've looked at 20 pages of past Grand threads but Im sure there is so much I'm not anticipating. What advise can you offer? What did you learn? What did you wish you had brought along?

6-Thanking the TL/permit holder:
Must be a ton of work and lots of stress gettin a trip like this together. I'm sure he will read this so... Thank you, brother.

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1) Likely all of the above. Warm base layer, wind/rain protection should see you through...tendency to get cold? Warm hat, neoprene gloves and booties or synthetic socks to wear with sandals...Mother Nature always prevails

2) Belknap's, "The Colorado River in Grand Canyon by Larry Stevens, "Colorado River Briefs by Lindemann

3) allen wrench

4) enjoy!

5) bandanas (for everything), wet wipes (or enjoy bathing in the silt), biners, straps, duct tape; wash and moisturize feet to avoid river crud.

6) if TL is open to delegating, be available to do whatever, especially after the trip for cleaning equipment, etc.

Here's to a great Grand trip. Say "yes" to everything the Canyon has to offer, stay well (hydrated!) and pay it forward.
"If you understand, things are just as they are; if you do not understand, things are just as they are."
Zen verse
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For guide books I would recommend Tom Martin and Duwain Whitis "Guide to the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon Lees Ferry to South Cave" along with Tom Martin's book "Day Hikes from the River". Both are excellent resources this Topo's and a ton of places to camp and see in them.

As for extra beer...I'd put it in a dry bag and hide it till you need it.
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Tom Martins river map is spot on with his suggested routes through the rapids. At 13-16K upset and 209 rapid are really really big.
Oaring into the wind for days on end is a right of passage, just don't let it be your your ticket to rotator cuff damage. I prefer a cat over a raft for handling wind, it lets wind pass underneath between the tubes. Either way take care of your back and shoulders or you'll end up a passenger.
Mind your finger tips, wear some type of glove that allows you to rig and handle cam straps and have a second pair. Once you have taped up thumbs and index fingers it's almost impossible to operate cam straps.
Fern Glenn has the nicest 1/4 mile long beach.
Have a grand time!
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Originally Posted by Sleepless View Post
5-What else:
I've looked at 20 pages of past Grand threads but Im sure there is so much I'm not anticipating. What advise can you offer? What did you learn? What did you wish you had brought along?

A product like "Skin Shield" liquid bandage is good to have along to help repair the cracks that open up at your fingertips from all the dry air and rigging chores. Some rafters use Super Glue for this, but the Skin Shield is also an antiseptic. Probably a little healthier...
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We launched 5/8 in '09 and it was 105* at Phantom that day. The whole trip was hot. Only rained on one evening on day 15, but as other have mentioned, bring a extra layer or two.

Double ditto Martin-Whitis guide book for sure. Someone on MB suggested to bring two because they lost theirs in rapid or something. We put ours in one of those clears plastic ziploc map pockets that has d-rings on it. We then put a 'biner and a small loop strap that makes it easy to read w/o un-clipping it. We get the map pockets at REI. Liddemann's is a good guide too. Belknap not so much IMO.

Get a cheap military duffle bag at a surplus store to put your spare beer in. The Chinese/Korean ones are made of a heavy nylon material. Prolly $10.

Get a plastic deadblow hammer (Home Depot) for smashing cans. Way more comfortable than using a rock. Get a feed bag ($2) from a farm supply store to put you smashed cans in so they don't puncture something. BTW we rinse the beer cans before smashing. Our friend brings an old NRS Bill's Bag to put the feed sack w/ the cans in and by the end of the trip it gets a little rank if you don't rinse.

I've rowed our 18' cat and a 18' Sotar raft and they're both real pigs to row in the wind. on our first trip, got a whole 3 miles one day before calling it quits.

Have a blast. We launch on 9/18.
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leather gloves and tegaderm...prescription pain killers just in case. antibiotics?
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Bring two spare oar locks.

Electrolyte replacement drinks:emer-genC or gatorade...I like to have plenty of salty snacks to munch on during the day like smoked almonds or such.

Bring a decent day pack for some of the longer hikes you might do.

On rig/derig days if its super hot you might want to have a pair of elk skin gloves for handling frames and general rig work... I like em for rowing too.

Good headlamp w/spare batteries plus an extra back up light.

Guides- I usually bring the Stevens guide- I have an old Lindeman guide I like cause it has notes of past trips and lines at various levels...

Plenty of rope-some of the camp tie-offs are far away- and for places like Havazoo if you stop there...

A good insulated mug for preserving the ice in your cocktail.

*Cooler maintenance: pretty crucial topic- be sure to drain/maintain coolers. Consolidate when you can-a full cooler is much more efficient than one that's not. Try to buy good ice-not the airated crap that most places sell- get solid ice-it'll last much longer. Also, pick up some bulap sacks to keep wet and keep on top of coolers for convective cooling. Try to bury your coolers with pacos over them. I like to double insulate my coolers with closed-cell foam-like having a cooler within a cooler w/foam on top too for a better seal.
*There are several threads on this topic on here-worth a read.

Good chair.

Extra chacos-you never know when you'll blow out.

Clothing: bring a little of everything-hot, cold, rainy, in-between...

Beer cuzzy.
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20 mil ammo can holds like 52 or 54 beers and protects better than a dry bag! also ammo can is great for extra trash after you drink the beer!
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Beer storage

For beer storage, we ended up using feed sacks from the local Ag. Co-op store. Put a 12 pack in each sack duck tape it closed and store it in the bottom of your everything bag. We ended up using the empty sacks for recycling throughout the trip. Enjoy...
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