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Grand Canyon and pregnant?

Hello. I am looking for opinions regarding rafting the second half of the gc 6 months pregant in December. I am in shape and a low risk pregnancy. So far Im feeling great and the second trimester is suppose to be even better. Can I can I meet everyone a day after lava falls and skip the rapids after phantom ranch? If I do swim what are the chances of hitting a rock? I am not as concerned about the cold or camping since I am use to that but experienced opinions would be appreciated.

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I've never been called a nervous Nellie but I guess my question is why would you want to do that six months pregnant? I've done the lower half guided in July and granted the conditions will be much different in the winter, but the canyon absolutely tests your mettle. I wouldn't be concerned about the rapids I would be concerned about your level of comfort, General living conditions for an extended amount of time in an extreme environment , and the risk that something medical or health related occurred while on the trip.

Seems like undue risk in my opinion and a trip you could do at a later date and probably enjoy it more.

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What does your doctor think? I would specifically talk to them about cold water shock and affects on a fetus. That would seem to be your worst ridk, specifically the affects on blood pressure and the heart.

I believe people walk around Lava and you can meet your crew at Tequila Beach. Granted, the walk through those initial boulders may be more hazardous.

I am unfamiliar with anyway to avoid Horn unless you are willing to do an epic hike from phantom to Monument Creek. Likely overnight in December. Maybe Granite but that is some funky water and shoreline to guarantee a landing.

Creativity can solve alot but I would ultimately weigh the advice of your doctor heavily. And know help can be hours to days (storms, satellite signal, etc) away.
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flagstaff, Arizona
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I am the wrong sex to have ever been pregnant...I am old ish... does that count??. but I've done the whole trip in Dec about three times. Twice it was beautiful.... once it was cold and windy with snow pelting my face several days. More people have bigger adventures walking Rapids than running them. What's the skill level of your crew? Are you likely to swim a little? A lot? At the end of the day it depends heavily on your comfort level with your situation and how risk averse YOU are.

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Your doc will likely say no way. I would wait. My wife went on the Gila for 3 days at 6 mos and was uncomfortable, then in the San Juan at 8mos for 3 days and was more uncomfortable. I think you'll be uncomfortable, plus the risk to your precious cargo is something you need to consider.

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The best advice I could give you would be to say, don't do it. It could be fine, but if it wasn't, you could alter another persons life permanantly in a bad way, like if you were walking around a rapid, scrambling over boulders, and and fell with your baby's head right into a boulder, would suck for the child, probly make you feel horrible to.

That would be my judgement call in this situation.
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obviously, as others above have said, it's up to you and the risk you want to accept.

Now, my two cents says no way. If anything funny starts happening you're way too far from care to fix it. I mean, now-a-days, babies born that early can survive if care is available. I've just had too many friends have very early deliveries in previously normal pregnancies, and both babies are fine now, but spent months in the hospital. I just can't imagine a positive outcome if either mother had been in the GC at the time.
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It sounds like this is your first pregnancy. Mine, too. I'm just over 20 weeks, and I wouldn't want to go. I've been paddling all summer with my doctor's blessing (until sitting in my ducky became painful), but her cutoff for big water is around 20-24 weeks. Aside from potential risks to the baby, you really have no idea how your body will respond to the different stages of pregnancy. Once the relaxin hormone kicks in, you may experience excruciating joint pain in your feet, SI joints of your hips, and various other places. You may not. There's no way to know. Right now, I cannot sit upright for more than 10 minutes at a time, and I feel as if my feet are being ripped apart. I'm still doing 4 HIIT circuits per week and prenatal yoga once or twice, but some days, I can't walk my dog. Additionally, there are some things that could pop up between now and your trip that require increased medical attention.
You could develop placenta Previa thatrequires bed rest, or all manner of other fairly common issues that pop up out of nowhere that can be life-threatening to you or your baby. If you are anything like me, you're annoyed and pissed about people telling you all the things you can't do, but I'm rapidly becoming more attached to a comfortable night's sleep and as many pain-free hours as I can muster in a day. That's just me, though. Also, keep in mind that your balance will get worse and risk of injury greater due to loosening ligaments and muscles as your pregnancy progresses. Ultimately, though, this a decision for you, your partner (making an assumption there), and to some extent, your doctor. Good luck, and I jealously wish you continued easy pregnancy.
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I declined a MFS trip when I was 2 months preggers. That mainly had to do with the fact it was an IVF pregnancy and it was my first time pregnant. I did do a 3 night trip on the Deschutes during my second pregnancy. That time I was 5 months preggers and go figure I was pregnant the old fashioned way. I personally would be a little freaked to do the GC pregnant. Will there be anyone on your trip with medical training? Do you have life flight insurance? How good is your crew? What does your partner think? Ultimately it's your call, just be sure you go prepared for anything to happen.

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Eagle, Colorado
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If I was in your group, I'd be uncomfortable with this. There's just too many ways to get injured and too far away from help. I'd actually be more worried about camp injuries than rapids. So, for me, I'd be freaking out the whole trip. But I'm more safety conscious than most people.

You might as well get used to missing out on boating opportunities. Those kids make trips extra tough.
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