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Denver, Colorado
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Electric Pump

I realize this has been discussed before, but it seems like it’s been a couple years. I’ve been using a cheap Home Depot small shop vac to inflate my boat. Thinking about promoting that shop vac to full time Traeger duty.
What are using for electric pumps to blow up their big raft, beside the NRS Screamer...

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The my blow pro blower is awesome! Call Bobby at profish WV, or check out his website, he is the RMR rep in that area. Bought one of these guys last year and for the price it’s by far the best little blower I have seen, and it sucks as well. Will top off my E150 hard, no barrel pump needed, and that’s not an exaggeration. He had them on sale a few days ago, check them out it’s a good product for sure.
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I've had great success with my Makita battery powered blower. Its small, fast and pretty reasonably priced. All the major tool manufacturers make a similar one, so if you have battery powered tools you can get one that works with those batteries.

You'll have to top it off with a barrel pump though. I have to put 20-30 pumps in each of my chambers after doing most of it with the blower. I haven't timed it...but I wanna say less then 5 minutes to inflate the whole boat to 90% with the blower. You can get about 3-5 boats in before the battery starts to die too. Works great to deflate the boat as well.

If you are talking about doing it at home before the trip...the one that Critter mentioned seems awesome. Kinda hard to find places to plug it in at a lot of boat ramps though...so for me its the batter powered blower.
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Salida, Colorado
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I have a Dewalt battery powered blower https://thd.co/3cYvOiK that I use on the road to combat changes in altitude softening my boat while it's on it's trailer, is great for that. At home I use a Mastercraft Big Red Blower, my choice as it also deflates and sucks the tubes down for a nice small roll up. If I were to buy another it'd be the Man O Rubber mini hurricaine blower, that unit will inflate your boat hand pump hard.. https://bit.ly/2Sqt99v Pricey though....
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Check out the Rigid 1680 shop vac with detachable power head for at home use. I have an older model that we have raced with a Big Red Blower and it pushes about the same amount of air. You can have a raft pump and a shop vac for about $150. I have had the older model for quite a few years and it's still going strong. When I don't have AC power I use a LVM 12 volt blower and they work well if you don't overheat them and DON'T run the engine while connected to a car battery. Both these pumps do require a top off pump but I don't mind doing a top off manually as I like to be able to regulate my tube pressure as I go.
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I have been using the Milwaukee cordless vac/ blower. Its not as fast or high pressure as the master craft red gun but way more convenient. They also make a small leaf blower but its a bit weaker.
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dallas divide co, Colorado
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I also have the Makita 18v blower ...I am impressed at how well it works. love the cordless ...inflated 2 16'cats and a 14'self bailer with battery to spare and did it fast !!
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Nothing beats the man of rubber inflators. Super fast and blows boats up to pressure too. You need power at put in or a generator so its reserved for the big group trips and home.


If ya see us at the boat ramp you are usually welcome to use it too!

We turned an adapter on the lathe that hooks on the back of the unit and allows it to deflate tubes too.
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I have a rather large doodle that gets quite dirty ands needs a hosing off on an almost daily basis. I have a combo hot/cold hose bib so it's not too brutal, but this led to a need for something to dry him off before he comes back into the house. It led me to this:


It comes with an attachment that fits my valves and I'll say it will match the performance of big red blower, rubber man, and anything else that cost double, with little to no top off necessary. You can even inflate with warm air if you want. The doodle loves it too. The only issue is the short hose so I have to tote the unit around the boats, but that is no big deal.

I am always amazed by the pricing of stuff marketed to rafters...
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Salida, Colorado
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I'm not sure I need to hear any more about your dirty "doodle".......
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