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Grand Junction, Colorado
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Dave Scadden's Boat

I just walked out of the Outdoor Expo in Dener, CO after speaking with Dave Scadden's about his boats. He tells me his boats can handle class 5 white water with no issues. Has anyone heard of these boats and if so what kind of feed back can you give me. I have a friend very interested in purchasing one of these.

Any feed back would be appreicated. Thank You- Bill

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vancouver, Washington
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I won't bash his boats because I've never seen one, although I've just youtubed them. Do you really want to run class V whitewater ??
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Dave is quite the salesman isn't he? That being said I'm not sure what Dave thinks is class V water is what the folks here do.

I have a Scadden pontoon and they are great for fishing. Do they compare to a real cat from Sotar or Aire? No....you could probably tell from looking at them at the show, the materials aren't up to the same standard, oar locks, oars, etc. aren't the same duty, and so on. Great for fishing and general use but I don't think any responsible whitewater boat manufacturer is out there putting a "rating" on what their boats can do. We all here know it comes down to your skill and personally I've always taken exception to him putting that rating on his boats and possibly giving someone a false sense of what they can handle because their boat is "rated" to do something. But that's just me. I've argued the point with a few folks over on fly fishing boards on occasion.

They certainly serve a purpose but I don't consider them serious whitewater boats IMHO....

out of curiosity, which one is he looking at? I have one of the older models with a frame, the Madison H2. His newer frameless boats with those weird oar locks and stuff are suspect to me, but I don't know. I like my boat, but compared to my Vanguard with NRS, Sawyers, etc. it is kind of a toy.
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billings, Montana
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Definitely would not try to run any whitewater with any of the ones I've seen. They are nice little fishing platforms though. Not up to snuff when it comes to big water. If that is your friends primary use, he would be well advised to seek a more suitably built boat.
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Coos Bay, Oregon
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He is the master of juicy words when it comes to sales, he should have been a used car salesman, and believe me no offense to the used car salesman .

Fine for floating and fishing but the components are very sub-standard for whitewater. Watch one of his videos as his oars are flapping like chicken wings trying to get a little bite of water.

I don't recall seeing him even in any class 3 water in his videos?
Try watching one of his videos and count the amazing words he uses lol, the boats must be great!

I am suprised he hasn't been sued over sending people to their doom in a bubbly stew of broken oar pieces and plastic
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Golden, Colorado
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if i threw an inner tube into a V rapid and it came out the bottom then scadden would market it as a class v rated inner tube.

his ratings are meaningless.

he spews bullshit and people who don't know any better buy it.

and yes, i've rowed one of his 13ft cats on some III-IV stuff on the ark one sorry day. pool toys.

bottom line....why would you trust your life and safety to a person/manufacturer who is so openly full of shit?

look at jpwinc.com for something real and not much more money. Especially when you calculate that the scadden garbage oars need to be replaced out of the box with something longer and carbon fiber to at least have a chance of doing ww without trashing them.
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Sandy, Utah
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I started out way back when with a 10ft. Outcast Pontoon Cat. Bought it for fishing, then some friends took me down Alpine Canyon in it. Great fun, didn't flip, and I was hooked on whitewater from then on. I quickly learned that although my little Cat was super fun, and well made (tubes made by Aire, Cataract oars), that if I really wanted to run whitewater I needed a larger Cat with a real whitewater frame, oars, and other gear. Can those mini-Cats handle class III - IV......yes, if you are skilled & don't mind flipping regularly. I saw a group of fishermen in mini-Cats on the Middle Fork Salmon in the fall a couple years ago. They had regular rafts for support. Not a single one of them completed the trip without a flip, and many had multiple flips over the week. Class V.....Heck, I don't even run class V in my whitewater Cat.....would I run it in a fishing boat? Absolutely not!

If your friends wants a fishing raft/cat that he can occasionally take on a class II river, then perhaps a Scadden would work. If he intends to do anything over a II on a regular basis, look for a real whitewater boat with a fishing frame. Also take a look at Outcast fishing boats.
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Fort collins, Colorado
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The subject of Scadden boats made me want to register for this site to give my 2 cents. I wish I would have had this 2 cents before I dropped over a G on one of the boats. Dave Scadden is a salesman. He knows the statements he makes are bogus but they make him money. Here is my experience.

I bought an outlaw rampage from him a year ago. Out of the box, the boat is sweet. The oars are beyond lame and the seat and bags look cheap. I took it on a float and blew up both oars on class 2 small drops and runs. The oars are drilled in the middle and have a pin through them. Therefore they have no give to them. Any rock you clip with the downstream oar puts all the force into the blade and it breaks. The oars are made of the hoakiest materials a man can find. If you ask dave scadden about the oars, he says that oars aren't warrantied because breaking oars is just part of the game. He told me they broke because I was so hard core. Class 2? Hardcore? Dave said it would rock class V. So I got some new oars and took it on a week long float. Class 3. The boat is awesome, fishing and rowing both. I broke the seat and the bags that went with it. My buddy has one too and he bent his foot bar and broke one of the foot bar mounts. His also has leaking valves. Since then I have developed some cracking in the PVC in a spot where it makes a hard corner when deflated. I get small leaks in those spots. Called Scadden and he said that it must be my legs rubbing on the boat causing this. "Probably something on my waders is sharp" What a bunch of garbage. Last week, I took it on a float and broke the oar lock. They sent me a new one.

My overall feeling is this. The boat design is truely innovative and makes fishing and floating great. THe boat does handle whitewater well. I've run class 4 with it and it's pretty good. But don't count on any durability out of any of the accessories. They will fail and it will probably be at the wrong time. If you built a frame for it, you could have oar locks and get nice oars and have a pretty bad ass boat. As far as class V rating, no way. You would be insane to run a dangerous rapid in this thing. PVC not durable enough, the oars and oar locks are so bad that you would surely break one.

I have made a bunch of modifications to mine and I actually like the way it works now. But that's after a lot of trouble and sinking more money in it. But don't expect much out of the box unless you are going to go fish on flat water.

If Dave put 1/4 the amount of energy he puts into being a slick salesman into making a quality product, he would probably have a good boat. Don't count on that from him.

If a real raft company started making similar boats, I'd get one. If you are interested in making some modifications to make the boat function on moving water, you may not be upset. If you plan on using the boat to rock heavy duty whitewater with the garbage dave puts on it, you'll probably die.
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I have seen a couple of his rigs. God forbid you flip in one of them because there are a TON of entrapment issues with the frames. I wouldn't put a stamp of approval on anything that comes with the Scadden name on it. My honest opinion of his stuff...it belongs at Bass Pro Shops, Cabelas and Wally World.
Wear shoes in the house...safety. Safety first, then teamwork.
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Coos Bay, Oregon
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Oh ya , you know how many times I have heard stories of him telling people he would send them free stuff to not complain in public.

I ran into a guy on the river with a torn off oar pad and bent oar on one of those scadden pieces of garbage, he said all the people on the washington fly fishing forum recomended it.

Then after it broke he got on there to complain and they banned his ass. LOL ,somebody is in there pocket! They really rally for him on that forum I guess. I feel sorry for all the poor saps that buy that junk in Washington. they seem to eat it up and buy them like crazy up that way. I never see any down in Oregon unless they are out of towners.
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