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Creeking in a raft

Any of you guys do any creeking in a raft? Is 13ft too big? What would be some good starter places to run in Colorado, esp central mountains? Is R2 the definate way to go for this?

Any tips, discussion, comments, or stories would be appreciated.

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I have heard of people running "creeks" in rafts they usually R2. I heard of two guys running Encampent Creek in a super Puma. Also on No Big Names 2 or 3 there is footage of some big waterfalls/lines in a raft. Rock it, but be ready to swim
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Two of my friends have decided that, on the Tallulah Gorge trip this wknd, an attempted raft descent of Oceana is indeed in order. Yes, I have been dumb enough to get suckered into joining them-- so if you guys don't hear from me again after this weekend, at least you'll have your answer as to whether or not trying something like this in a raft is a "good" idea.

On the other hand, at least the moment'll most likely be preserved on videotape forever, so look for the carnage reels coming soon to a paddling DVD near you......
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I can't remember where I've seen it, but there is video somewhere out there on the net of Oceana being run in a raft. It's pretty comical, the line was good and no swimmers, but it caught a ton of air. Also, didn't Sean Lee run OBJ in a raft this year?
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Newby, that is awesome! Be sure to send me the footage. Yes, there was a clip posted on here of a puma running Oceana, here's the URL:

I was looking at OBJ in CRC and wondered if anyone has rafted it.

Are there any low volume class IVish runs that might be doable? I've kayaked upper Gore Creek play section near Vail and feel certain I could get my raft down it at higher water, but hadn't done the lower class IV section. I heared that some portages around pipes and crap like that might make it difficult.

What about Gilman? Has anyone done that in a raft?

P.S.-- Newby, I was reading that the deal between AW and Georgia Power is that inflatables 11'6 or under are permitted (like a puma). I wonder if anyone has done Tallulah in a Mini-me? (the little 9 footer by hyside)
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My friend Zach and I have run the black rock section of clear creek r2ing it, and have r2'ed most of gore as well. We ran black rock rapid through rigormortis at 250, and it was the absolute shallow end of water level. We r2 a 12' avon. I chalked up my first class V swim doing it. The best boats for dropping falls are definitely not the conventional self-bailing raft. Danny runs a stinger; a mini cat boat that self-bails and is better for big falls and tend to punch holes slightly better than a raft. I think Jack's plastic makes something similar that would be ideal for r2 creeking. Ask Danimal about it to; I think he may have run OBJ this summer.
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It depends on what kind of creeking you intend to do.

I R-1 a stinger and have had succesful runs on Lower South Boulder Creek, Upper Upper South Boulder Creek, Bailey, not necesarily a creek but Clear Creek Black Rock section down to 240cfs which gets pretty darn creeky at that flow in a raft.

I have also been turned around on some smaller creeks because I was too wide and couldn't fit.

I have some friends that have run Oceana in their stinger, and I know lake creek has been run in a raft. Also Cheesman has been run in a stinger as well.

So if your idea is to run stuff like I listed depending on the flow I would say 12fter and if you want some of the tighter steeper creeks I would suggest something like a Hyside mini me or a shredder.

I think a 13fter would be just a bit too much for some of the tighter moves if you have to spin or thread something tight in a super steep section.

This all will vary greatly also in your skills.

Good luck and let me know if you want to run something this spring.

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oh yeah
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good first creek runs: the clear creek from kermits to 119, upper clear creek from lawson to idaho springs, lower clear creek below rigor to golden (one portage!), gore creek from east vail through dowd chutes (two portages!), alto, alto, SBC. these are mostly class III/IV entry level runs. gilman gorge is raftable for sure but IV+/-V ish and may be a bit much for the first run. later on bailey, gore, encampment, black rock, pine creek, will be a blast. also think of obj, ssv, nsv?, lsb, big south, cheesman, lake creek, joe wright/spencer heights, upper/middle/lower poudre narrows, etc. i always looked at a run and thought "am i willing to swim this?" if yes, it's good to go. this is different than kayaking. in kayaking i try to judge how much i can run upside down and when i can roll up. on boat size go 12' or less.

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no tengo
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are there any hard core class V R2ers here? plz email me i have some good stuff planned. when i lived in oregon it was no prob but here i cant find anyone to go they are all 2 skeered.
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We just don't want to raft.........pussy.

Now carry my bitches and beer!
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