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Jackson, Wyoming
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Breakfast Ideas

What are good breakfast life hacks you have used on river trips?

I am a terrible morning person, but I also love bacon, which can be an issue when you are trying to bust out of camp early.

What sort of awesome things have you done to make breakfast fast and hearty?

We have packed up the kitchen the night before and quickly ate breakfast the next morning.

In my defense, I have to get up by 5am 75% of the year, so I embrace sleeping in on my river trip vacations.

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Wheat Ridge, Colorado
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One of my favorites is breakfast burritos in seal-a-meal. These can be frozen and have easy cleanup. You can custom make them at home or just order a batch from the local grocer or otherwise outsource the prep. Just have the early riser that starts coffee every morning put the water on and drop them in so they have plenty of time to heat up. Arrange in a single layer in the pouches to maximize contact with the hot water (outside the bag). Use the hot water for the last batch of coffee/tea.

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Grand Junction, Colorado
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If you don't want to cook your choices become limited. Instant oatmeal is fast and there are various flavors. I personally hate oatmeal so I would go hungry. Cold things include coffee cakes, breakfast breads or bars, fruit, bagels, granola, etc. are quick and easy.

If your willing to do some quick cooking in just one pan or grill, breakfast burritos or breakfast sandwiches are good. They can be eaten in your hand so there aren't plates or silverware. Good quality coated pots, pans, and grills can be wiped clean with a paper towel for quick clean-up

You can prepare a lot of stuff ahead of time to speed you up: pre-scramble eggs and cook your bacon or sausages before you leave. The hash brown patties are quick. There are all kinds of convenience products in the frozen food aisles in you store that are already prepared and ready to heat (like
Andy H's boil-in-a-bag burritos) and serve. Quality and flavor can sometimes be questionable.

Relax and have a good time!
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Montrose, Colorado
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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day...
For camps or mornings that are going high speed or low overhead on breakfast, there are a few things I do.
1. First of all, without caffeine, folks tend to get plugged and grouchy. If a method to heat water is not planned, I bring a jetboil and take care of my own and a few others. I can put it in my personal drybag and not interrupt kitchen flow.
2. I also love bacon, and find if I don't have protein in the morning lunch cannot come soon enough. I will use the pre-cooked bacon that does not need to be refrigerated. I take this out of the paperboard packaging prior to the trip so trash is reduced, and have even vacuum sealed multiple packages for larger groups. I can add use this to augment the "quick" meal being considered (typically aforementioned oatmeal, bagels or maybe Mountain House).
3. Pre-peeled hard boiled eggs. Look for them in the refrigerated section at the grocery store. Boiling and peeling your own sucks. Stop by a Taco Bell and get some packets of hot sauce to season the eggs, and you can have a really quick, protein filled breakfast that is easy to eat. A couple eggs, slices of bacon, piece of fruit, and I am ready to go. Keep a Cliff bar or something handy in case I get hungry before lunch.
4. Seal-a-meal (Like Andy mentioned).
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portland, Oregon
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I'm a big fan of savory oatmeal. Sausage (or salami depending on your cooler situation), cheese, hot sauce, etc. It's hearty, fast, and you can make it so that folks can customize their own if you have picky companions.
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Carbondale, Colorado
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I've been pre making quiche. I freeze them and throw them in the cooler. They are great cold and there is no mess or cooking!
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Wondervu, CO, Colorado
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I have been having good success with 'breakfast strata'. (do a google search for recipes) It is similar to a quiche but uses a dry bread and egg mix instead of a pie crust.

I make them ahead in foil tins (with lids) and freeze them. At camp I take them out the night before to thaw, then stack them in a frying pan on a small trivet (prevents burning) and add a few spoons of water to steam them hot for serving. Takes less time to heat than the coffee water.

The strata survives the freeze thaw cycle better than the crust on the quiche, nothing to get soggy.
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lafayette or Grand Lake, CO., Colorado
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I pre-cook the bacon vacuum seal and freeze. Then, when boiling water to make coffee I just toss in the water untill hot. No dirty grill, pots or pans. I do the same for breakfast burros. A quality griddle will wipe clean after pancakes. Mix the batter in a gallon or 2 1/2 gallon zip lock bag (again fast clean up). Lox, bagels, cream cheese, red onion, capers on a paper towel, fast and easy. Use a griddle to heat bagels or a propane torch.
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Salt Lake City, Utah
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Second vote for premade breakfast burritos
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Ridgway, Colorado
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Sausage gravy and biscuits.
Not exactly quick but it's always a show stopper.
I make the gravy ahead of time, seal-a-meal and freeze. Boil in bag when it's time to serve.
Biscuits are layered in the DO. (I start the coals on the blaster to speed things up).
Use paper plates and burn them and there's almost no clean up.
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