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Friendly Aussie Girl! :-)
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Adventurous Aussie Seeks July 2018 GC Trip


I'm a friendly Australian girl travelling to the States for a few months.

Last time I was here I visited the top of the Grand Canyon in the middle of winter and they told me you can do week-long kayaking tours. That sounded like the greatest thing ever! (As several other things also are lol!) I determined that when I returned, I would go in the summer so I could do that! So I booked my flights to be there all summer aaand...

Problem!!! The full canyon tour is not kayaking but powered white water rafting (AWESOME) and 200 miles long (AMAZING) ...but CRAZY expensive (disappointing and prohibitive)! I've been looking after my Mum post brain surgery for the last six months so haven't been able to work and save and have the $ padding I was hoping for for my next trip to the States. So I asked a friend of mine who's a WWR tour guide and he said I might be able to find a private tour for cheaper here.

So is there anyone going sometime in July that wouldn't mind myself at least, and ideally also a good friend of mine who wanted to come with me (he is a highly proficient technical diver, AKA a fit fellow adventurer) tagging along? If so, please let me know dates, prices, itinerary etc.

My only real timeline requirement is to be back in Las Vegas by 28 July for a trade show.

About me: I'm a thrill-seeking adventurer who is a little good at a lot of things but no pro, but I can generally keep up with the experts (and certainly keep up with the boys)! My first whitewater rafting was a 3/4 and though it was very beautiful it was disappointingly relaxing... for me; the couple behind us were frequently scared I found out later from the photos lol! I and a traveller I joined for a few days ended up leading the raft, I had no experience but I'm quick on my feet and able to match rhythm and lead (& have a cool head for emergencies... if not certain critters too close to me lol). For this trip I have no expectations, relaxing or dangerous I don't care, I want a fun, social, sightseeing experience I'm pretty easy-going and open-minded, whilst simultaneously being enthusiastic type energetic, happy go lucky, and highly suggestible for anything fun and adventurous! I'm very friendly and quick-witted and get along with everyone and have crazy stories to tell (but am more interested in hearing yours) so I add value to every group! Can party or chill, am content in every situation, and know how to rough it when required! Generally speaking, the only thing I complain about is the cold (hence I'm returning in Summer this time lol).

Oh yeah, and speed or strength aren't my thing, endurance is. You will beat me in a normal competition but I will outlast you in the wild. Even when I'm unfit I can manage a several km swim. My last "epic swim" was 6kms. After having not done anything like it in forever, I was able to pull off an approximately 15km kayak (once I got past the initial burn; and afterwards still felt like I could go for miles more).

If you want to know anything else, please ask!

I hope someone will make my dream come true!

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Adventure Girl,

You sound like you've got lots of energy and are likely to be a good addition to have on a trip. Something that will help is to list any skills that a 16-day trip will benefit from even though they're not usually associated with a raft trip.

Such as:
  • emergency (or any) medical training & experience
  • cooking skills
  • musical abilities (cello not likely to be a plus, though...)
  • rope & rescue skills
  • photography / videography (with some good equipment)
  • orienteering / hiking
  • geology/botany/birding
  • open water or rowing experience
  • avid camper?
  • wilderness adventure skills
  • Massage, physical therapy, chiropractic skills

Usually the cost for a private trip works out to $800 - $1500 per person depending on the amount of rented gear and cuisine. Some have done it lots cheaper, others much more lavishly. Beware of people that want you to be a slave or people that give you the creeps. For about the same as the trip, you and your friend may be able to rent a car, travel around the US, and get on some different trips through the Buzz or other social media sites if you can't get on the Grand.

Good luck!

Nothing in the world is more yielding and gentle than water. Yet it has no equal for conquering the resistant and tough. The flexible can overcome the unbending; the soft can overcome the hard. - Lao Tse
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Friendly Aussie Girl! :-)
Citizen of the World!, NSW, Australia
Paddling Since: 2016
Join Date: May 2018
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Thanks so much Andy, great points!

That cost is still steep (I'm just an ordinary person) but MUCH more doable, and totally worth it. But yeah, totally a great backup plan idea!

As for my skills...

I am a professional massage therapist, and one time got my skipper out of a phsyical bind in three hours it would normally have made him pull into a sheltered cove and take three weeks to recover (which is what happened after he got a similar injury).

I'm a certified rescue diver with an up to date First Aid & CPR certificate but little experience in actually using emergency first response, however I hve rescued several divers in rough ocean conditions and protected them using my own body from being dashed against the rocks (the perks of being a Dive Master intern lol).

I'm very entertaining! If we don't have games I can make them up (although I still think nothing beats Cards Against Humanity for a party game lol), I'm a singer/songwriter and have been a DJ/compare, I have some limited guitar skills but can serenade or even rap battle (way out of practise on that one though) anyone, anywhere, something unique to them if required!

I have cooking skills. And provisioning skills. And net repairing skills. And spear fishing, cleaning, filleting skills (but haven't used them in 3 years, sadly). And all kinds of other random but water type skills after having lived on a yacht for four months as an all rounder crew member who did everything but actual sailing, coz temporary paying crew members got to do that (grrr lol). Including water rec, tender towing via swimming, nannying, etc etc...

I have photography and videography skills but no gear. Haven't replaced them since everything got stolen (a BIG story there).

Open water experience... do boats count? On the ocean? Rowing experience... biggest trek was about 15km kayaking in one day and I felt like I could go many km more... just had to get past the initial burn very early on. As stated elsewhere, speed or strength is NOT my thing, but endurance is... Always wanted to do a multi day kayaking adventure...

I love camping but haven't had that much opportunity, though I did live in a motorhome for the better part of last year, and not a fancy one with a toilet and shower either lol, so I know how to rough it and be inventive and show off with a she-pee lol...

Wilderness adventure skills... well I used to go off-track exploring in the mountain areas around my home in beautiful Wollongong... had a beautiful survival kit with a great EDC set up by an ex-military friend I went out with sometimes... nearly got stuck up a mountain once overnight (had a brush with a bush that will set your skin on fire) but have great innate sense of direction and can't get lost even if I try... mind you this is only for the outdoors, I get lost in a shopping mall :-/ !

I'm also great in an emergency! I have leadership ability and keep a cool head under pressure. I'm also a great follower and team player, especially with trusted experts at the helm. I aim for win-win outcomes. I can be competitive, but usually just throw myself 100% into whatever I'm doing.

I can soothe upset people and bring them back on board. I'm excellent with kids (usually, don't want to jinx myself here lol). And animals tend to like me too. I'm relaxed and open minded, I follow my own moral code but don't expect anyone else to! As long as you treat me and others well we won't have a problem! Light drinker - non smoker - no drugs - don't mind if you're the opposite as long as safety is not affected.

Oh! I don't know if this will come in useful, but... I have licenses for the following: car, MR truck, power boat up to 30m, motorcycle, thinking of getting a PWC, PADI dive, basic firefighting certificate, basic water safety and emergency ocean survival skills, medical clearance for seafaring (I have my SCTW and ENG1 for those in professional yachting), Food Safety Level II...
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