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Westwater swim & cluster rescue

I want to be PC about this, but it's not gonna be possible. Holy shit balls it's time for the armchair QB's to take on this mess(myself included).

So many "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!" moments.

I have been in WW in the terrible teens. I know the swirls and erratic waves make navigating difficult and it's very intense, but holy F-balls put the swimmer as your top priority! Have your throw rope ready, and teach your passenger how to throw it.

**I have no affiliation to the gent who posted this other than searching for WW vids on youtube.

My heart's still racing.

[email protected]$% 2016!!!
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There's a HUGE whole on the left!!!!
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"Hey John, just hold tight while we Monkey F*** around here and watch stuff float out of the R.O.D." John may want to find some new friends to play with.
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Wow. Dangerous People. A little river safety and some common sense go a long way!
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Honest to God, I thought the swimmer was unconscious when he reappeared after Skull. His helmet is just barely visible above the water and you never see any arm movement to indicate that he can swim, even when his head dips under. And when he's finally rescued, it's like the current just delivered him to the raft. I'm not sure if the throw rope had anything to do with it.

Anyhow, if I was swimming and I saw Skull coming up, I'd ditch my boat and swim for shore. There's plenty of flatwater later to catch the boat and even it got lost in the Room of Doom, you could at least ride to the TO on a raft.
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OMG. Where to begin?????
That was a whole lot of grunting, groaning, flailing of oars, saying fuck, and almost running the poor swimmer over at the end.
My favorite part was in the beginning when the rower was trying to signal a swimmer by pursing his lips together & blowing. Eddying out after making it through Skull by the grace of God and not hauling ass after the swimmer runs a close second favorite.
Did anyone else notice the passenger/rower wearing a garbage bag as splash gear?
Yikes !!!!!
"We are all visitors to this time, this place. We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love....and then we return home."
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Wow, just wow.
I sincerely hope that they have sold their raft and taken up golf.
So many things wrong here.
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jebus h christ!!!! you got to get that guy!!! if you look at his other videos he has a "LOL" of his shitty run through skull, i guess he wasn't worried about the dude that was swimming for 7 minutes... he doesn't even make an attempt to get his boat to the swimmer, and catching that eddy bellow skull, and above??? turn your boat around and start rowing for the swimmer you dink!!
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That's what it looks like at 15K ? It's so washed out.

No slides into holes above Skull. No real hole at Skull. No big Sock it to me slide.

What's so terrible teens about that ? Didn't look like weird currents jerking the boats around, Raft is OK going through Skull sideways, etc.

I expected to see the swimmer appear with a beer in his hand.

They'd have never got away with any of that malarkey at 8K.
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I took an internet thrashing not too long ago after a statement that was contextually ignorant of kayaking timing. That said, WTF? Do Go Pros make people stupid? The one major flip I have experienced was watching a friend hit the V- Wave inconsiderately. I had my rescue equipment clipped to me and ready to go within 10 seconds after seeing that and it was friendly levels. This crew took approximately 5 minutes and then did a premature throw, not to mention the distractions before catching up to the kayaker.

I love rafting but this video shows how poorly prepared so many of our brethren can be for serious conditions. I have yet to boat the terrible teens and this is why I have avoided that experience. The ideal is a well oiled machine and this is a team in serious malfunction. I hope I am better aligned with the ideal on this spectrum. That said, long live the fringe season flows!

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