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Littleton, Colorado
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Union Chutes plan!


plan overview

2 features done by this spring!

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Highlands Ranch, Colorado
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We'll see

Let's hope this work out. I think this area could cater better to beginner kayakers than the park in Golden.

If this is going to work someone is going to be removing lots of sand each year.

Wasn't this supposed to have already been started? I was down there this summer and did not see any improvements.

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Is cleaning up the used condoms & syringes part of the plan?

Anyone know the plan behind original construction at Union Chutes. That place actually has some nice features, which I'm guessing was just dumb luck. It's just de-watered too frequently.
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Denver, Colorado
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I *think* originally there were no boat chutes and the features were put in to aerate the water for fish. After a couple accidents, they wisely put the boat chutes in. The rest is mostly dumb luck, although I think they did make some changes to the bottom hole. I don't remember who told me all of this or how drunk they or I were, so YMMV.

I can say that it used to get pretty crowded back when the parking lot was dirt and the Inazone was a hot play boat.
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Well 5-0 wave, it's been grand. I'm glad I got to know you so well...
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Originally Posted by DanOrion View Post
Well 5-0 wave, it's been grand. I'm glad I got to know you so well...
Yeah 5-0 is great with about 1800 and up. I hope they don't mess with it. The enemy of good is better.
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As someone said already, they built the fish ladders to aerate the water but whoever designed that system made it super dangerous for people who happened to swim through it. You can see what it was like on the sides of some of the drops, it was just all the way across.

The way I heard it was that they just wanted to make it safe for people and didn't intend to make it a whitewater park. I'm totally spacing on the guys name , but the engineer/architect who headed up the project was a boater and took advantage of the project to create some holes/waves since they were going in there with excavators and concrete anyways. That is why its not like some of the other "cleaner" more dedicated official whitewater parks around the state. It was among the first too, and was a learning experience that started the manmade park along with Eben G Fine park in Boulder and Confluence in Denver.
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Union Blvd

I'm stoked they are still putting money into our rivers. I know that there will always be people who hate the Platte and refuse to paddle there. I get it, it's dirtier than real mountain rivers. I have a long history with the Platte. I started paddling in NW PA in the late 80's. We had lots of large shallow slow running rivers near where I lived. It was the land of class I and II. I had to drive three hours to get to anything really fun like the Lower Yough. When I came out to Colorado in 1997 I was blown away that I could playboat in Downtown Denver and stern squirt my Frankenstein in the eddies there. I could also boat the Boulder WW Park in January at 120cfs back then.

From what I know... The Platte River has 14.5 miles of man made WW. Starting at C-470 going past the 20th street (Denver Skate Park and the Tressel Wave). The orginal fish ladders and bank improvements started in the 1977-78 Confluence Park (making it one of the 1st WW Parks in the US) it would have looked like the East Race in Southbend, IN (minus the wave shaping wedges) openned to the public in 1978. Confluence Park was redesigned in 1995 by Rick McLaughlin to look the way it does today (he's also the guy in charge of the redesign of Union and the new Sheridan Surfing Park coming 2016). I believe Rick also did the Chutes at Union Blvd. The big picture was to bring WW rafting to Denver, but drought in the 2000's changed the way the Platte has been used. Now with cities fighting for Rec. Water Rights and tourist dollars money is coming back to our rivers. With two major builds coming to the Platte and a huge project coming to Loveland Colorado is going to lead the world in Manmade WW.

Could we soon see year round paddling in Colorado?

I love to dance, but who needs the music- It throws me off.
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Littleton, Colorado
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Reynolds landing is also go to be revamped! Along with sections of the platte all the way down to confluence! Wave shapers and a more naturalized stream bed seems to be the plan. I counted at least 4 adjustable features in the plans. I like the naturalized stream bed aprouch. They have already completed the the top portion near chatfield and down near Evans it's looking a lot better these days.



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Highlands Ranch, Colorado
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I ran (on the bike path) from Union Ave up to Reynolds this afternoon (2-9-16) and no improvements have been made or started in the area.
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