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Carbondale, Colorado
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Shuttle with keyless car?

I know the google might could answer this for me, but whatís the fun in that?

I was thinking about hiring American spirit to help out with a RHT shuttle. Might take the new car. Keyless.
I canít hide the key on the tire (can I?)
They canít lock the key in the car (can they?)

What do people do in these modern times?

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Definite maybe
Weld county, Colorado
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Under a rock maybe. Just remember what rock you put it under.

What was wrong with putting our key in a lock the lock cylinder? Good thing the auto engineers reinvented the ignition switch huh. Bet it cost a few more bucks than the old fashioned key too. All I can think for you is to hide it away from your vehicle somewhere. Is any other vehicle going to be with you, maybe you can use there car as a hiding spot. Sorry to not have an answer for you, this is the things about new cars that I hate. All these gagets cost money and now I need $70k for a 3/4 ton truck. I really don't want any of this crap. I want 4x4, manual trans, fm, ac, power steering, power window and mirror on the passenger side only. Oh yeah an 8 foot bed.
"It is fun to have fun but you have to know how"---The Cat In The Hat
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If you have a keypad on the door you can just give them the code and they can start the car. They never even see the key, hide it in the car. When theyíre done they just use the code to lock the car again.
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Loveland, Colorado
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I've just had them leave it on the passenger strut cup by the tire. On my Toyota you can't open the doors if you don't have the key right by the driver's door.
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Salida, Colorado
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You are not the first shuttle they will do with a keyless car. Just ask them.
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I've heard a surfer trick to use a lock box hidden under your car. You can line it with AL foil or some RF blocking material.
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Arnold, California
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Originally Posted by KSC View Post
I've heard a surfer trick to use a lock box hidden under your car. You can line it with AL foil or some RF blocking material.

I had a Dodge that I wrapped in crumbled foil and stashed in the cup holder. It just looks like trash in the console from the outside. The downside of these new keys is that you have to make sure your "key" to get in stays dry
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Never enough free time
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We bought a new vehicle last year and one of the primary considerations was a real key.

Starting in 2018 every GM vehicle is keyless...except for the pickup trucks. My experience here is with GM but I think the topic applies to almost all new cars anyway.

I was talking with the sales person and they were trying to tell me about how awesome keyless is. They told me that if you lose your fob or if it gets damaged you can just use your phone.

When I explained that we often traveled into areas with no cell phone coverage and that phone aps are useless for us in a likely lost key/emergency scenario, he looked at me like I had a horn growing out of my forehead and just walked away figuring there was no way he was selling me a car.

I am hoping that there is enough backlash about these keys once someone figures out how to steal any car they want with a doohickey they bought on the dark web that the car companies go back to real keys.

The car we bought was a 2017 instead of a new 2018 so that we got a real key and I hope this one lasts me 15 years or so before I have to think about this again.
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Just wrap key in aluminum foil and hide in wheel well.
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white salmon, Washington
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what works on our honda

We tried aluminum foil, that didn't work. We tried a metal single wall water bottle, that didn't work. What does work is a double insulated water bottle like klean Kanteen or Hydroflask. Everyone is different, trial and error it.
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