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Originally Posted by JamesBR View Post
😆 you're a pretty funny clown.. Go cry to your governor.. He'll listen.. I'll be boating climbing shooting and general Fucking off.. All without you anywhere.. Stay inside and isolated.. I don't wanna catch TDS..but sars v2 is pretty much done for summer.. Just like any other virus .. Wash your hands so not to spread TDS.. I don't like Colorado people like you either.. Even.. Lmmfao!
I laugh. You will not be here from Russia any time soon so suck it up. DJT fortunately closed our borders to people from contagious nations like the USSR or where ever your call yourselves now,,,, is it "SHITHOLE ka stan?" or "TEX a STAN?". So please keep yourself and inbreeds home to where ever you are from.

Please forgive me. I just love fuckin with simple minds.

When did we digress? Likely when the Russkies from Tex'i'stan showed up.

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You ain't from Colorado Anyhoo.. Probably a Commiefornia tranny transplant.. 😆 you're your own favorite person.. Do you suck off your governor too?
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Can somebody shut this down?
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Originally Posted by drfun View Post
Wow this discussion, like so many others online, sure degraded fast from an interesting exchange on boating morality and legality to general vitriol.

That seems to be what happens when Geo Ron chimes in with his BS opinions, if everyone would just use the ignore function of this website your BP would stay 120/70 and you would not have to listen to his twisted and skewed libtard rhetoric..

Seems every thread he chimes in on dies a rapid death, and degrades into name calling and useless vitriol. While I don't know what he's posting about, I can only assume he's off on one of his personal assault tangents, defending polis, the obummer or some other hopeless cause only he champions, all the while defending his skewed beliefs..

Use the ignore list function and let threads live !!!!!!
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This is all good until you realize we have given complete control to our government now, and they have written into law no way for us to take it back other than by force (illegal too).

Good luck to you all, I am glad that fly fishing guiding is a bit lower spotlight and contact than rafting. I worry deeply for both industries this year.
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Well, as the one who started this discussion I am thankful for those who took the time to share their honest thoughts on the situation. I for one, learned a few things and will look at the struggle we are in from a few different perspectives. After all, that it what discussions are for. The sharing of ideas in hopes of learning something.

However, those who used this discussion to berate, belittle and insult others have done nothing for the common good. Those comments do not teach anyone anything. They are unnecessary, unneeded and unwelcome. I think it is time for this particular discussion to be shut down.
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So a lot of good comments. One thing I don't hear in the various viewpoints is that the discussion is not binary. Stay home or don't. Truth is that there is risk with every decision - even staying home totally isolated. But we all know that virtually nobody just stays home. If you don't go on the float this weekend how many contacts are you going to have in the city? I've made the decision to drive to Fruita for a couple of bike rides and put on the river for a couple of day floats. No contact, wear a mask and gloves while fueling, sanitizer after any contact outside my own vehicle and possessions. I can make a fairly certain evaluation that this has less risk of transmission (either way) than your trip to the local grocery store. New research is showing that sunlight and vitamin D are powerful inhibitors of the virus spread and that social isolation is physically and mentally harmful. Point is, we can't eliminate risk. Make good decisions, think of others and not everybody who makes a different risk assessment than you do is an idiot
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Originally Posted by jgrebe View Post
New research is showing that sunlight and vitamin D are powerful inhibitors of the virus spread and that social isolation is physically and mentally harmful.
Yeah, I think we've been seeing the effects of that.

This thread has devolved into toxic BS and is closed "pending moderator review."

If you find yourself wanting to spew toxic shit, go take up origami or get out for a walk. Step away from the Buzz and be good to yourself, get some exercise, do that project you've been putting off, whatever. Please be civil on the Buzz. Check out the Community Rules. We've been pretty slack enforcing in the past but if all someone can do is name-calling, threatening, and other crap, the rules will get enforced.

Don't be an asshole.


Nothing in the world is more yielding and gentle than water. Yet it has no equal for conquering the resistant and tough. The flexible can overcome the unbending; the soft can overcome the hard. - Lao Tse
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